2021 World Series of Poker

Какво казват покер играчите за случката в САЩ

Какво казват покер играчите за случката в САЩ 0001

Twitter направо избухна от коментар след коментара на всякакви покер играчи и хора свързани с играта, свързани с "Черния Петък."

Отдолу може да видите някои от най-интересните съобщение в този тежък момент за онлайн покер играта в САЩ, който със сигурност ще окаже ефект върху цялата индустрия.

Erick Lindgren
This is all clearly the fault of @RealKidPoker I told him if he ever started beating online poker the world would end.

Doyle Brunson
Now maybe we will see if these online "superstars" can play real poker. Ante up suckers!

Whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen. All we can do is try to voice support for online poker, then wait and see.

Ryan Daut
To @lorettasanchez: #Poker is not a crime it is a game of skill. Support HR1174.
http://bit.ly/1EBcYd #CA #92707

Matt Keikoan
I'm only surprised this didn't happen a long time ago

Daniel Cates
Feel bad for all the careers the us gov is about to destroy (not just poker)

Daniel Cates
shit just got real. What the hell

Devin "TranquilChaos" Porter
I've never seen so many of my #poker friends ''available'' on AIM at one time

Christian Harder
Man this shit is scary!

Eric Mizrachi
Sick sick sick!!! RT @ESPN_Poker: According to @GamblingComp all the indicted sites, around the world, will be down within 48 hours. #fb

Phil Galfond
Does anyone want to buy a slide?

Lee Childs
Um. Hey U.S. Government - Can you please take care of that terrorism stuff and real problems facing our country and leave us alone?

Josh Brikis
Thank god im so much better at and make my $ at live poker

Josh Brikis
Party poker=geniuses in the long run atleast

Erica Schoenberg
It's my right 2 smoke a blunt, abort a baby, marry a girl & play online poker. Quit telling me what 2 do with my $ or body. FU

Tommy Vedes
Wowzers...feel bad for sponsored pro's who now have to shell out their own $$ for buyins. Welcome to the real world.

Scott Ian
Poker Apocalypse: The PPA's statement - http://bit.ly/gAF5kF

Devin "TranquilChaos" Porter
It's a good thing I have no job skills, no schooling, and a 6 year gap on my resume..F you america #itsmyownfault

Eric Mizrachi
Here is the message USA players will receive from @PokerStars > http://twitpic.com/4l91py

Justin "Boosted J" Smith
Will work for food and shelter

Randal Flowers

Matt Stout
Every1 else is freakin about online poker bein shut down in the US...I'm just trying 2 decide between Vancouver n Amsterdam! Lemonade imo =)

Kathy Liebert
Meet The Boy Genius Who Just Took Down The Online Poker Industry http://t.co/vrui5lc via @BISportsPage

Matthew Parvis
Play with fire... Get burned...

Matt Hawrilenko
Oh well--glad I married a Canadian. Maybe they want my tax dollars.

Randy "nanonoko" Lew
hmm...might need to consider buying from the value menu again at McDonalds if things don't work so well

Doyle Brunson
The Southern DOJ must not have anything much to do. They just indicted 11 people from Full Tilt, UB and Poker Stars.

Tom Dwan
I long ago realized that laws replaced common sense in every day government, however I still thought n hoped the regulation of

Gavin Griffin
Wow, I guess Party Poker wins again.

Tom Dwan
Btw for anyone just getting updated, uso organizes 1st ever poker uso tour. 4 days later doj decides why not- Let's go after tilt n stars

Josh Brikis
omg the whole poker world is freaking out right now, this is not a joke

Matthew Parvis
And boom goes the dynamite...

Doyle Brunson
Now maybe we will see if these online "superstars" can play real poker. Ante up suckers!

Eric Mizrachi
Does this mean all poker players will file for unemployment checks? lol, looks like we all got fired at work today

Daniel Negreanu
Going to Aria to play $400-$800 mix just like I did over 10 years ago when I was a professional poker player. Save me a seat boys..

Matt Keikoan
God I'm obsessing over this. Going to play some live poker to get my mind off of it


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