Aussie Millions Main Event

Dwan Calls the Clock After Grigg Tanks for 10 Minutes


Tom "durrrr" Dwan doesn't seem like the type of man to call a clock on another player, but it just happened. Granted, Tom Grigg was literally in the tank for ten minutes, so it was justified, but it was a first for us.

It happened on a {K-Spades}{K-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{A-Hearts}{9-Clubs} board with about 160,000 in the pot. After the river card was put out, Dwan moved all in for 101,500 and put Grigg, who had around 115,000 behind, to the test. "Oh, this is so sick," Grigg said at the beginning of the hand.

Fast forward about 90 seconds and Grigg says, "I've got one of these bad boys," while pointing to one of the kings. All the while Dwan imitates a statue and remains motionless, without so much as a blink. Grigg is obviously fishing for a reaction, but he was obviously barking up the wrong tree.

A couple of minutes later, approaching about minute seven in the tank, Grigg asks, "Will you show me if I fold?" Again, Dwan, who has in earbuds, remains motionless and looks exactly as he did at the beginning of the hand.

"Mr. Dwan?" Grigg pleads one last time. Nothing.

"He's donked every street," Grigg says in frustration to his friends. In a last ditch attempt to get a reaction from Dwan, Grigg waves in durrrr's line of sight, which actually a reaction . . . a clock being called. About midway through the clock, and after being in the tank for more than ten minutes, Griggs finally let his hand go.

Dwan silently slid his cards to the muck, blinking furiously to rewet his dry eyes, while Griggs simply said, "He would have shown a bluff."

Играч Чипове Прогрес
Tom Dwan us
Tom Dwan
us 260,000 180,000
Tom Grigg au
Tom Grigg
au 115,000 -135,000

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