$10,000 Main Event

Naz Sibaei Eliminated in 16th Place (AU$55,000)

[user153638] • Ниво 20: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Naz Sibaei - 16th Place

We just saw a big pot go down that resulted in Patrik Antonius vaulting to well over 2 million in chips.

It happened when Naz Sibaei opened for 32,000 from the cutoff and Antonius defended from the big blind. The Finn proceeded to take the lead in the pot by betting 40,000 on the {5-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{6-Spades} flop, which Sibaei called. Antonius fired another 78,000 on the {8-Diamonds} turn, but this time Sibaei pushed back with a raise to 205,000. Not to be outdone, Antonius three-bet to 340,000 and then called when Sibaei moved all in for around 500,000 more.

Antonius: {9-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}
Sibaei: {4-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}

Both players had turned a straight, but unfortunately for Sibaei his was smaller. That meant he needed a nine on the river just to chop, and while the {10-Diamonds} was close, it was one pip too many.

Sibaei exited in 16th place and was replaced at Table 10 by Ang Pangleng.

Играч Чипове Прогрес
Patrik Antonius fi
Patrik Antonius
fi 2,650,000 1,200,000
Naz Sibaei
Naz Sibaei

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