WSOP Super Circuit Online Series

2016 Aussie Millions

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Event #1: $1,150 No-Limit Hold'em

Riech Pulls the Trigger against Kanaan

• Ниво 11: 800-1,600, 200 ante
Ferenc Riech

Michael Kanaan raised to 3,200 and was called by Ferench Riech on the button as well as the player in the big blind. On the flop {7-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{J-Hearts}, only Riech called Kanaan's continuation bet worth 5,000 and the Aussie then fired a second barrel worth 11,000 on the {10-Hearts} turn.

Again Riech called and Kanaan's 21,000-bet on the {4-Diamonds} river was met with an almost immediate shove. The Aussie gave it some thought and then flashed aces into the muck.

Класиране по чипове
Ferenc Riech DE 147,000 42,000
Michael Kanaan au 45,000 -30,000

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