Main Event

Grudev and Danilyuk Clash

We joined the action a little late in the hand and the flop was {8-Hearts} {2-Hearts} {2-Clubs}. The 27k pot was swelled with three-betting money and Andrey Danilyuk, seated in the small blind, was the pre flop three-bettor. He c-bet for 11,500 and his opponent in the cutoff, Grudi Grudev, raised the action up to 24,000 and Danilyuk folded.

Играч Чипове Прогрес
Grudi Grudev bg
Grudi Grudev
bg 228,000 -23,600
Andrey Danilyuk ru
Andrey Danilyuk
ru 94,000 5,400

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