£5,250 Main Event

Antos Doubles as Lewzey Busts

[user101598] • Ниво 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

While Steven Lewzey was going all in at a neighboring table, Josef Antos put his tournament life on the line as well.

Antos opened to 8,000, Manuel Bevand put in a three-bet to 17,000, and Antos moved all in for 107,000. Bevand called, leaving roughly 115,000 behind, and both players were told to keep their cards facedown.

The cameras in the area were all focused on Lewzey's all-in hand, when Bevand leaned over the table.

"I have tens," he murmured to Antos, expecting an answer in return.

Antos didn't disclose the contents of his hand, rather he gave a shrug.

When Lewzey's hand was complete, and he was eliminated, Antos slowly turned over {j-Hearts}{j-Clubs} for a pair of jacks. Bevand laughed, then showed his tens - {10-Clubs}{10-Spades}. If Bevand could make a set of tens, a straight, or a spade flush, Antos would split 87th-place money with Lewzey.

The jacks held up though as the board came {6-Diamonds}{6-Spades}{k-Clubs}{a-Clubs}{2-Spades}, and Antos doubled to over 200,000 chips.

Играч Чипове Прогрес
Josef Antos cz
Josef Antos
cz 220,000 56,400
Manuel Bevand fr
Manuel Bevand
fr 115,000 -49,800

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