Main Event

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Вход €5,000
Награден фонд €4,560,000
Players 912


Ниво 34
Блайндове 120,000 / 240,000
Анте 30,000



Seat 7: Daniel-Gai Pidun, 36, Lippstadt, near Dortmund, Germany – 5,250,000

Daniel-Gai Pidun
Daniel-Gai Pidun

Pidun rarely plays tournaments but when he does, he tends to do well. He takes a week’s holiday every year to play EPT Berlin – and always goes deep. Two years ago he bubbled the final to finish ninth for €45,000 and last season he came 17th for €20,000, which are his two best live results to date. He also competes in tournaments at Casino Bad Oeynhausen near his home.

Most of the time though, Daniel-Gai is busy running a cell phone parts company with his brother Thomer, as well as spending time with his family. Thomer also plays poker and back in 2009 the pair found themselves on the same final table in a €200 Bad Oeynhausen tourney – Thomer finished second and Daniel-Gai fourth.

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Seat 8: Roman Herold, 26, Germany – 3,050,000

Roman Herold
Roman Herold

Herold has four cashes to his name, one of which came at Barcelona at the beginning of Season 9 when he finished 35th for €20,000. His best live result before EPT Berlin was as a runner-up for €22,785 in a tournament here in Berlin earlier this year.

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EPT9 Berlin: It's Final Table Time

EPT Berlin final table
EPT Berlin final table

Last Sunday, the first of 912 players sat down with the hope of still being involved on this very day. After 30 levels of poker, eight have survived all the EPT Berlin has to offer. That also included a near six-hour final table bubble period.

It's hoped they still have some competitive spirit and the concentration left to perform to their highest capabilities. Concentration will be important as any mistake with the big blind average starting at 28.5 could be costly.

Here's a reminder of how the players line up:

SeatNameChip Count
1Julian Thomas1,735,000
2Roman Korenev2,995,000
3Robert Haigh5,495,000
4Alexander Helbig3,315,000
5Lasse Frost3,700,000
6Pascal Vos1,750,000
7Daniel-Gai Pidun5,250,000
8Roman Herold3,050,000

Play is due to get underway at 12:00PM CET so join the blog back here then

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Main Event
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