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Abecassis Catches, Survives

Shamus • Ниво 15: 1,500-3,000, 400 ante

Michel Abecassis open-raised all in for 49,000 (a little over 16 big blinds) from early position. Next to act, Fayad Ghassan set out a column of chips adding up to 100,000 for a reraise, and the rest of the table skedaddled. Abecassis then tabled his {A-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts} and Ghassan his {K-Diamonds}{K-Clubs}, the pair nodding and shrugging to one another as if to say "que sera sera" as the dealer prepared to deliver the community cards.

The flop came {9-Spades}{7-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}, then the turn brought the {J-Spades} to give Abecassis straight possibilities. Then came the river… the {8-Diamonds}! A straight for Abecassis, earning him the pot, tourney survival, and a pat on the shoulder from Ghassan.

Fayad Ghassan
Fayad Ghassan
166,000 -16,500
Michel Abecassis fr
Michel Abecassis
fr 105,000 63,700

Тагове: Fayad GhassanMichel Abecassis

Not a Happy Chapuis

[user169806] • Ниво 15: 1,500-3,000, 400 ante

Henri Chapuis is an early casualty here in the EPT Deauville main event.

The action folded around to Chapuis on the button and he moved all in for 44,000 chips. Brian Benhamou was in the small blind, he checked his hole cards before announcing, "Call." Mathew Frankland folded in the big blind and the cards were turned onto their backs.

Chapuis: {A-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}
Benhamou: {A-Spades}{10-Spades}

Both players improved to a pair on the {J-Hearts}{8-Spades}{10-Diamonds} flop, then improved further still when the {A-Diamonds} was placed on the turn. The river card, however, was the {10-Clubs}, gifting Benhamou a full house and resigning Chapuis to a seat on the sidelines.

Brian Benhamou
Brian Benhamou
222,000 32,700
Henri Chapuis
Henri Chapuis

Тагове: Brian BenhamouHenri Chapuis

Huntly Being Hunted

• Ниво 15: 1,500-3,000, 400 ante

Gordon Huntly, who had an amazing 12-280k day yesterday, has started off aggressively but is down on chips after two folds.

In one hand around 50,000 had made it into the middle by the time the board rested as {5-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{3-Hearts}{2-Hearts}. Huntly led for 17,300 but tank-folded when Andriy Lyubovetskiy raised to 40,000.

The very next hand Huntly raised to 6,000 from mid position only to fold when Jean Julien Stempffer shoved for 52,000 from the big blind.

Gordon Huntly gb
Gordon Huntly
gb 245,000 -40,000

Тагове: Andriy LyubovetskiyGordon HuntlyJean Julien Stempffer

Shuffle Up and Deal

• Ниво 15: 1,500-3,000, 400 ante

The cards are in the air!

The tournament director has confirmed we are playing five levels today with no dinner break. That should take us through to around 8.30pm CET.


Welcome to Day 3 of EPT Deauville

We're back for the third day here in Deauville in beautiful Normandy, the length of the levels has increased from 75 minutes to 90 minutes. We're expecting five levels to be played today with the bubble likely to burst in one of the first two.

Andrei Stoenescu, who finished 3rd at EPT Madrid in Season 8, leads the field with 485,600 ahead of former EPT Loutraki winner Zimnan Ziyard (380,200). Also still involved are former winners Salvatore Bonavena (229,000) and Lucien Cohen (46,100) - the latter having won here in Season 7. Flying the flag for PokerStars Team Pro are Matthias De Meulder (186,000) EPT Berlin winner Sandra Naujoks (73,500) and Vanessa Rousso (34,200).

Play will be begin in a little under half an hour so stay tuned!

Day 3 Table Draw

11Jason KoonUSA275,100
12Thomas ButzhammerGermany273,200
13Ana MarquezSpain29,900
14Mikhail SeminRussia94,900
15Pascal AznarFrance92,800
16Salvatore BonavenaItaly229,000
17Kajetan MasiewiczPoland123,500
18Olivier FerrageFrance166,900
19Benjamin TruzmanFrance209,900
21Joseph JazzarFrance63,500
22Paul GuichardFrance169,000
23Quentin LecomteFrance126,600
24Romeo RobertBelgium261,700
25Michele Beyret DourFrance123,900
26Fernand MicheletFrance252,100
27Karen SarkisyanRussia186,600
28Herve SantaisFrance23,600
29Ghassan El HossUK48,100
31Sebastien SaffariUK63,000
32Cyril AndreFrance370,600
33Karim AbdelmoumeneFrance229,600
34Jean Pierre PetroliFrance215,900
35Stefano GarbarinoItaly79,300
36Jean-Yves MalherbeBelgium59,100
37Mihai ManoleRomania30,700
38David SonelinSweden292,700
39Eric VancraywinkelBelgium24,400
41Jean-Jacques ZeitounFrance175,000
42Romain BaertFrance124,400
43Gordon HuntlyUK285,000
44Andriy LyubovetskiyUkraine138,900
45Joseph El KhouryLebanon252,000
46Todd TerryUSA76,100
47Jean Julien StempfferFrance62,000
48Fabrice SoulierFrance126,300
49Remi CastaignonFrance103,600
51Raul PaezSpain54,500
53Kevin MiannayFrance340,500
54Rabah Ait AbdelmalekFrance77,200
55David StephanyLuxembourg122,200
56Mohamed KerkeniFrance156,600
57Mikael BilanFrance33,400
58Matthias De MeulderBelgium186,000
59Walid Bou HabbibLebanon118,500
61Jean Francois RialFrance47,100
62Fergal NealonIreland234,000
63Lucien CohenFrance46,100
64Simon MattssonSweden127,900
65Ionel AntonRomania101,400
66Iaran LightbourneUK80,400
67Gilbert MerhebLebanon58,100
68Noel GaensBelgium292,700
69Guy TomaselliFrance84,000
71Zimnan ZiyardUK380,200
72Massimo Di CiccoItaly151,000
73Atanas GueorguievBulgaria67,700
74Ferit GabriellsonSweden263,900
75Pascal LefrancoisFrance271,100
76Joseph MouawadLebanon106,600
77Ludovic RiehlFrrance118,800
78Tobias PetersNetherlands124,200
79Philippe BoucherCanada266,800
81Andrei KonopelkoBelarus335,900
82Abdelkader KaychohiNetherlands163,100
83Patrick SchuhlFrance163,000
84Anthony PicaultFrance78,300
85Ahmed Abd El FatahFrance306,000
86Henri ChapuisFrance44,300
87Brian BenhamouFrance189,300
88Mathew FranklandUK144,400
89Matthieu HerveFrance309,300
91Said BasriFrance57,700
92Yury GulyyRussia63,600
93Lucas ReevesUK176,700
94Jean Philippe PeyratouxFrance50,100
95Fabrice GougetFrance78,400
97Lionel RozenbergFrance59,700
98Christophe LesageFrance141,300
99David SusiganFrance171,000
101Ibrahim GhassanLebanon82,900
102Pascal LeyoFrance166,500
103Daniel DodetBelgium62,000
104Freerk PostNetherlands147,800
105Zachary KorikUSA83,100
106Glen CymbalukCanada306,200
107Jed DerkaouiCanada47,900
108Steve O'DwyerUSA45,600
109Franck KalfonFrance138,500
111Alexander DovzhenkoRussia247,200
112Filip MansBelgium45,700
113Timothy ReillyFrance258,100
114Fabio SperlingGermany67,800
115Tobias MatuschekGermany42,700
116James BillsAustralia104,900
117Zoltan PurakHungary210,000
118Bastian FischerGermany95,300
121Grzegorz DerkowskiGermany84,500
122Kristijonas AndrulisLithuania114,500
123Kirill TelezhkinRussia30,500
124Anaras AlekberovasLithuania65,500
125Michele BianchiItaly83,300
126Christophe BenzimraFrance132,000
127Tobias WenkerGermany141,000
128Sebastien LeclercqFrance88,200
131Vladimir VelikovFrance351,200
132Konstantin ToloknoRussia186,300
133Andrei StoenescuRomania485,600
134Vanessa RoussoFrance34,200
135Markus RistolaFinland180,500
136Michel AbecassisFrance41,300
137Fayad GhassanLebanon182,500
138Aurelien GuigliniFrance153,300
141David OstromSweden368,400
143Florian RibouchonFrance192,500
144Remi Le MeurFrance278,800
145Alexandre ReardFrance271,000
146Idris AmbraisseFrance181,200
147Loic FringantFrance199,300
148Artur OlczykPoland158,900
151Jesper FeddersenGermany302,000
152Hugo PingrayFrance374,400
153Eric SfezFrance100,500
154Xavier DetournelFrance82,700
155Dermot BlainIreland107,000
156Sophie TayebFrance99,900
157Shinya ShimadaFrance109,100
158Shahaf HadayaIsrael229,600
161Ants Endel SorraEstonia71,900
162Roman KorenevRussia75,200
163Nicolas FaureFrance58,900
164Pietro AmorosoFrance178,300
165Gaetano Dell'AeraBelgium281,600
166Eilert EilertsenFrance283,200
167Sandra NaujoksGermany73,500
168Jeffrey HakimLebanon137,800
171David KilmartinIreland147,700
172Marion NedellecFrance79,200
173Maxime PetitprezFrance207,200
174Nicolas CardynFrance29,100
175James MitchellUK372,400
176Bernard GuigonFrance148,900
177Samuel DucoinFrance159,900
178Freddy DeebUSA114,800
181Halldor SverrissonIceland19,900
182Andreas RoosGermany92,000
183Claude MetaisFrance37,500
184Samuel GraftonUK311,400
185Casey KastleSlovenia233,600
186Yannick BonnetFrance102,700
187Sergii BaranovUkraine75,700
188David PishvafarGermany140,800

Official Start-of-Day 3 Chip Counts (Пълен)

Andrei Stoenescu ro
Andrei Stoenescu
ro 485,600
Zimnan Ziyard gb
Zimnan Ziyard
gb 380,200
Hugo Pingray fr
Hugo Pingray
fr 374,400
James Mitchell gb
James Mitchell
gb 372,400
Cyril Andre fr
Cyril Andre
fr 370,600
David Ostrom
David Ostrom
Vladimir Velikov bg
Vladimir Velikov
bg 351,200
Kevin Miannay
Kevin Miannay
Andrei Konopelko by
Andrei Konopelko
by 335,900
Samuel Grafton
Samuel Grafton
Matthieu Herve FR
Matthieu Herve
FR 309,300
Glen Cymbaluk ca
Glen Cymbaluk
ca 306,200
Ahmed Abd El Fatah fr
Ahmed Abd El Fatah
fr 306,000
Jesper Feddersen
Jesper Feddersen
David Sonelin se
David Sonelin
se 292,700
Noel Gaens be
Noel Gaens
be 292,700
Gordon Huntly gb
Gordon Huntly
gb 285,000
Eilert Eilertsen NO
Eilert Eilertsen
NO 283,200
Gaetano Dell'Aera
Gaetano Dell'Aera
Remi Le Meur
Remi Le Meur
Jason Koon us
Jason Koon
GGPoker Ambassador
us 275,100
[Removed:4] DE
DE 274,500
Thomas Butzhammer de
Thomas Butzhammer
de 273,200
Pascal Lefrancois ca
Pascal Lefrancois
ca 271,100

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