€5,300 Main Event

Sergei Petrushevskii Eliminated in 4th place (€284,550)

Webjoker • Ниво 31: 80,000-160,000, 20,000 ante
Sergei Petrushevskii

Hand #38: Jasper Meijer van Putten found {Q-Spades}{Q-Diamonds} under the gun and raised to 400,000.

Marton Czuczor with {K-Hearts}{J-Diamonds} on the button three-bet to 1.15 million.

Sergei Petrushevskii, with the {A-Clubs}{7-Clubs} in the small blind and a stack of 3.77 million in front of him, pushed all in. David Peters folded his button right away but Jasper Meijer van Putten wasn't following suit. The Dutchman reshoved for over 8 million and Czuczor got out of the way instantly.

The flop came {9-Spades}{10-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}, not doing much for Petrushevskii. The {8-Spades} on the turn gave Meijer van Putten a straight and only a river queen could chop it now.

Instead the {J-Spades} hit and Sergei Petrushevskii was out the door in fourth place for €284,550.

The remaining three players are guaranteed €397,300 and talks of a deal started. Jasper Meijer van Putten leads, but David Peters and Marton Czuczor are not far behind.

Играч Чипове Прогрес
Jasper Meijer van Putten nl
Jasper Meijer van Putten
nl 13,565,000 5,320,000
David Peters us
David Peters
us 11,365,000 -205,000
Marton Czuczor hu
Marton Czuczor
hu 10,815,000 -1,275,000
Sergei Petrushevskii ru
Sergei Petrushevskii
ru Отпаднал

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