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Main Event

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Вход €5,300
Награден фонд €9,365,350
Players 1931


Ниво 36
Блайндове 2,500,000 / 500,000
Анте 500,000

Seat 1: Matthias Tikerpe, 27, Estonia - (7,100,000)

Matthias Tikerpe
Matthias Tikerpe

Matthias Tikerpe currently rounds out the top 10 on Estonia's all-time money list. The 27-year-old from Parnu has amassed just under $240,000 in live cashes but he's now guaranteed to more than double his career earnings, having locked up at least €287,050 in the EPT Barcelona Main Event. A top three finish would vault Tikerpe to the top of the Estonian leaderboard.

Tikerpe is the third Estonian player to appear on the EPT Main Event final table, following EPT8 Tallinn third-place finisher Raigo Aasmaa and PCA 2014 fourth-place finisher Madis Muur.

This isn't Tikerpe's first deep run at the festival. He'd previously notched a 23rd place finish in the 1,527-strong €2k National for a €15,100 payday.

Matthias Tikerpe's Main Event run:

Day 2123,800105/762
Day 3294,00064/259
Day 42,350,0003/56
Day 55,200,0004/13
Day 67,100,0004/6
Matthias Tikerpe ee
Matthias Tikerpe
ee 7,100,000

Тагове: Matthias TikerpeMadis MuurRaigo Aasmaa

Seat 2: Piotr Nurzynski, 28, Poland (15,425,000)

Piotr Nurzynski
Piotr Nurzynski

Piotr Nurzynski is originally a doctor but he decided to take a two-year break to travel the world with his girlfriend. They're both passionate surfers so they choose destinations which accommodate their hobby. Following a few stops in South America, Nurzynski returned to Europe after qualifying to the EPT Barcelona Main Event online at PokerStars.

He managed to navigate his way all the way to the final table. While playing in front of the cameras is a completely new experience for the 28-year-old from Poland, the iconic EPT Barcelona Main Event has already seen a Polish player capturing the trophy when Sebastian Malec emerged victorious in 2016.

Piotr Nurzynski's Main Event run:

Day 2127,70097/762
Day 3531,00018/259
Day 41,390,00016/56
Day 53,570,0008/13
Day 615,425,0002/6
Piotr Nurzynski pl
Piotr Nurzynski
pl 15,425,000

Тагове: Piotr NurzynskiSebastian Malec

Seat 3: Rodrigo Carmo, 24, Portugal (2,000,000)

Rodrigo Carmo
Rodrigo Carmo

Rodrigo Carmo's live tournament résumé has revealed only a few small results up to date, combining for just under $18,000. But the 24-year-old player from Almada is a professional poker player who spends most of his time playing online in a Portuguese, Spanish and French shared liquidity pool. Carmo has been playing poker since early 2016 and he's currently a member of Polarize Poker, representing the coaching site as their Team Pro.

Rodrigo Carmo's Main Event run:

Day 262,500396/762
Day 3365,00041/259
Day 42,175,0004/56
Day 55,330,0003/13
Day 62,000,0006/6
Rodrigo Carmo PT
Rodrigo Carmo
PT 2,000,000

Тагове: Rodrigo Carmo

Seat 4: Haoxiang Wang, 25, China (16,200,000)

Haoxiang Wang
Haoxiang Wang

Haoxiang Wang has been playing poker for just over a year. He first picked up the game last summer. Wang studies in Nice, France and it was his teacher who introduced him to the game. Wang is now trying to finish his master's degree while playing cash games on the French Riviera.

Sometimes, Wang joins local tournaments with a small buy-in. This is his first tournament. Wang chose to arrive at EPT Barcelona to see how his skills compare with more experienced players. Now he's made it to the final table and he already revealed that he'll come to EPT Prague.

He said that, once he'll have finished his studies, he might consider moving to Macau to continue pursuing his poker career.

Haoxiang Wang's Main Event run:

Day 2239,30004/762
Day 3426,00031/259
Day 41,850,0006/56
Day 54,655,0005/13
Day 616,200,0001/6
Haoxiang Wang cn
Haoxiang Wang
cn 16,200,000

Тагове: Haoxiang Wang

Seat 5: Pedro Marques, 25, Portugal (6,950,000)

Pedro Marques
Pedro Marques

From Corroios, Portugal, Pedro Marques joins his fellow countryman Rodrigo Carmo at the EPT Barcelona Main Event final table. Marques is certainly the more familiar player from the two, having amassed over $560,000 in live tournament cashes. The 25-year-old's best result came last year here in Barcelona.

He made it to a four-way deal in the €2k PokerStars National High Roller, taking home an even €300,000. Marques' pedigree also boasts a WPT Prague bronze medal. His previous longest run in an EPT Main Event was a 46th place finish at EPT11 Barcelona. Marques sits in 13th place on the Portuguese all-time money list but an outright win here in the Main Event would catapult him all the way to the top.

Pedro Marques' Main Event run:

Day 298,000208/762
Day 3205,000111/259
Day 41,090,00026/56
Day 59,150,0001/13
Day 66,950,0005/6
Pedro Marques pt
Pedro Marques
pt 6,950,000

Тагове: Pedro Marques

Seat 6: Ognyan Dimov, 29, Bulgaria (10,125,000)

Ognyan Dimov
Ognyan Dimov

From Veliko Tarnovo, Ognyan Dimov has already reached out for perfection in an EPT Main Event. Back in February 2015, then-25-year-old Dimov lifted the trophy in Deauville to win the second title for Bulgaria. Now 29, Dimov is having the best year of his poker career. While it may seem hard to top the €543,700 payday from Deauville, Dimov is just about to do so.

He added another major feather in his cap earlier this summer, snagging his first bracelet at the World Series of Poker. That triumph was worth $378,743 and Dimov has now locked up another six-figure payday, making the final table in the record-breaking EPT in Barcelona. There's no doubt his eyes will be all set on the €1.6 million top-prize which would also make him the first male player with two EPT Main Event titles.

Ognyan Dimov's Main Event run:

Day 2172,50038/762
Day 3202,000114/259
Day 41,720,0008/56
Day 53,100,00010/13
Day 610,125,0003/6
Ognyan Dimov bg
Ognyan Dimov
bg 10,125,000

Тагове: Ognyan Dimov

Main Event
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