Main Event

Refos and Rettenmaier Bust

• Ниво 7: 250-500, 50 ante

The entire action escaped us, but Raoul Refos was sent to the rail with {8-Diamonds} {10-Diamonds} versus {A-Clubs} {3-Clubs} on a board of {5-Spades} {4-Clubs} {2-Diamonds} {J-Diamonds} {10-Spades}.

Marvin Rettenmaier was sent to the rail as well. He four-bet shoved into an open raise to 1,200 and the three-bet of Dietrich fast in the small blind for 3,600. Rettenmaier only had 12,000 and change left in the big blind, his flip with {J-Clubs} {J-Spades} versus the {A-Hearts} {K-Spades} of Fast didn't go as planned on a board of {Q-Spades} {7-Hearts} {3-Hearts} {A-Clubs} {Q-Hearts}.

Играч Чипове Прогрес
Dietrich Fast de
Dietrich Fast
de 76,000 76,000
Marvin Rettenmaier de
Marvin Rettenmaier
de Отпаднал
Raoul Refos nl
Raoul Refos
nl Отпаднал

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