$50,000 High Roller

Erik Seidel Eliminated in 4th Place ($260,260)

Webjoker • Ниво 16: 15,000-30,000, 5,000 ante
Erik Seidel

Hand 52: Action folded to Erik Seidel in the small blind and he moved in for just under 400,000 with {K-Clubs}{4-Hearts}. Big blind Steve O'Dwyer didn't need too much time calling with {K-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}.

The flop came {5-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts} which left Seidel drawing very thin.

Commentator Lex Veldhuis mentioned a jack would be the best card Seidel could hope for to appear on the turn and he got just that with the {J-Spades}.

O'Dwyer still had an 82 percent chance of winning but a chop was now a possibility.

Unfortunately for Seidel, however, the {Q-Diamonds} on the river wasn't one of the cards he was looking for.

After bubbling the $100,000 event earlier this week, Seidel now out in 4th place for $260,260. The remaining 3 players are guaranteed $339,480 from here on out.

Играч Чипове Прогрес
Byron Kaverman us
Byron Kaverman
us 1,965,000 -555,000
Steve O'Dwyer ie
Steve O'Dwyer
ie 1,627,000 945,000
Jean-Noel Thorel fr
Jean-Noel Thorel
fr 1,010,000 70,000
Erik Seidel us
Erik Seidel
us Отпаднал

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