WCOOP-02-M: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Slam], $2M Gtd

PokerNews Week in Review: Negreanu Gets REAL About Polk & Hellmuth

This week the PokerNews Podcast crew discuss the latest news in the poker world including a Heads Up Duel between Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu, an update on the Terrence Chan and Mike McDonald Feud, the latest in Live and Online events and much more. Plus Daniel Negreanu joins the show and gets REAL about his thoughts on Phil Hellmuth and his match with Doug Polk. [TimeStamps] 00:15 | The Status in the State of Texas 04:30 | GG partners with FLIP/Daiva Byrne: https://en.ggpoker.com/blog/news-headlines/ggpoker-partners-with-fantastic-ladies-in-poker/ 07:25 | Veronica Brill named new host of Poker After Dark: https://twitter.com/Angry_Polak/status/1361749148945371137 09:30 I MILLIONS Online begins, Dzivelevski & Adams win titles: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2021/02/adams-dzivielevski-partypoker-millions-online-high-roller-38665.htm 11:40 | GGPoker ad 12:30 I Sarah Giddy with Excitement about Origins Gaming Table https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametheorytables/the-origins-exquisite-and-functional-board-game-table 16:00 | PokerNews to report partypoker US Network PKO Bounty Series: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2021/02/partypoker-us-network-pko-bounty-online-series-feb-21-28-38659.htm 16:40 I Wynn Spring Classic will host two $1mil guarantees: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2021/02/2021-wynn-spring-classic-offers-2-5m-in-gtds-over-16-events-38662.htm 18:30 I The future of Live Events 21:50 I Negreanu vs. Hellmuth set for next High Stakes Duel matchup 31:00 I Daniel Negreanu Joins the Podcast 32:00 I Thoughts on Doug Post-Match 34:00 I Would you do the challenge again if you could back in time? 36:00 I How did you Chose the team to help you during the challenge? 38:00 I Did you have Side Action? 39:30 I At the end you said you were playing bad, Doug said you were playing good. Who was right? 45:00 I Where would you put the link on Daniel vs Phil? 47:00 I How much GTO are you going to use against Phil? 51:45 I How Phil Hellmuth consistently demeans Daniel in a passive aggressive way. 55:00 I How much of the Daniel Negreanu entertainer is the Real Daniel? 01:01:58 I Sometimes being angry is being real 01:04:30 I #Blessed is so BORING and false 01:05:35 I Going to a Chess Tournament and Loving Chess 01:07:12 I Daniel will end up with Phil’s Money 01:08:20 I Regrets from the Feud with Doug 01:11:46 I Doug Polk might care what people think, but he says what he thinks anyways 01:14:21 I Daniel Has some Choice words for Ryan Fee 01:15:40 I The fear for the younger generation if they don’t toughen up 01:28:25 I Run it Once For more check out: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2021/02/after-huge-win-negreanu-where-does-polk-go-38654.htm