WCOOP-02-M: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Sunday Slam], $2M Gtd

Who is the REAL Daniel Negreanu & What Does he Think about Hellmuth, Polk, Fee & More?

1:45 I Thoughts on Doug Post-Match 3:00 I Would you do the challenge again if you could back in time? 5:00 I How did you Chose the team to help you during the challenge? 7:30 I Did you have Side Action? 9:00 I At the end you said you were playing bad, Doug said you were playing good. Who was right? 14:00 I Where would you put the link on Daniel vs Phil? 17:00 I How much GTO are you going to use against Phil? 20:45 I How Phil Hellmuth consistently demeans Daniel in a passive aggressive way. 24:45 I How much of the Daniel Negreanu entertainer is the Real Daniel? 31:00 I Sometimes being angry is being real 32:30 I The Poker world is becoming so boring and false and full of platitudes 34:45 I Going to a Chess Tournament and Loving Chess 36:00 I Daniel will end up with Phil’s Money 37:30 I Regrets from the Feud with Doug 40:45 I Doug Polk might care what people think, but he says what he thinks anyways 43:00 I How Amanda Changed his perspective 43:40 I Daniel Has some Choice words for Ryan Fee 40:45 I The fear for the younger generation if they don’t toughen up