2021 World Series of Poker
WCOOP-10-H: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller], $1M Gtd

Filatov and Lefrancois Felted

• Ниво 8: 3,000-6,000, 750 ante
Filatov vs Prof. Hitman

Mike "SirWatts" Watson raised to 11,000 and was called by "Prof. Hitman" only for Simon "C. Darwin2" Mattsson to three-bet the button to 51,250. Anatoly "NL_Profit" Filatov four-bet jammed for 163,591 and "Prof. Hitman" isolated by reshoving successfully.

Anatoly "NL_Profit": Filatov: {q-Spades}{q-Clubs}
"Prof. Hitman": {a-Spades}{a-Diamonds}

On a board of {k-Hearts}{9-Spades}{6-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}, nothing changed to send Filatov to the rail.

In the new level, he was joined there by Pascal "Pass_72" Lefrancois who was ousted for the second time. Having doubled Filipe "Zagazaur" Oliveira flush under flush, Lefrancois could not get there with {4-Diamonds}{4-Clubs} against the {8-Clubs}{8-Diamonds} of "hello_totti" on a {10-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}{6-Spades}{5-Spades}{10-Spades} board.

Играч Чипове Прогрес
Prof. Hitman nl
Prof. Hitman
nl 821,200 457,947
hello_totti ru
ru 686,429 26,625
Filipe "Zagazaur" Oliveira pt
Filipe "Zagazaur" Oliveira
pt 514,000 264,000
Simon "C. Darwin2" Mattsson
Simon "C. Darwin2" Mattsson
454,788 204,788
Mike "SirWatts" Watson
Mike "SirWatts" Watson
170,971 -39,875
Anatoly "NL_Profit" Filatov
Anatoly "NL_Profit" Filatov
Pascal "Pass_72" Lefrancois
Pascal "Pass_72" Lefrancois