WCOOP-16-H: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, High Roller], $1M Gtd

Eibinger Out for the Second Time

• Ниво 7: 3,000-6,000, 750 ante
Kurtkaare vs Eibinger

On his second bullet of the tournament, Matthias "iambest2" Eibinger got it in preflop with {a-Clubs}{k-Clubs} in a pot of 341,750 and he was called by big stack "Kurtkaare" with the {j-Clubs}{j-Spades}.

No face cards or clubs showed up on a board of {10-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} to eliminate Eibinger for the second time.

Играч Чипове Прогрес
Kurtkaare no
no 921,697 58,000
Matthias "iambest2" Eibinger
Matthias "iambest2" Eibinger
Aliaksandr "Alexgirs" Hirs BY
Aliaksandr "Alexgirs" Hirs
BY Отпаднал