WCOOP-16-H: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, High Roller], $1M Gtd

Overwhelming Lead for "LeslieGroves"

• Ниво 27: 80,000-160,000, 20,000 ante

A min raise to 320,000 by "LeslieGroves" resulted in the call of Rodrigo "Seijistar" Seiji in the big blind. The Brazilian check-raised the {a-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{4-Spades} flop from 224,400 to 1,120,000 and picked up a call.

The {9-Clubs} turn was checked and "LeslieGroves" bet the {10-Clubs} river for 2,044,000 to earn a call, tabling {a-Clubs}{k-Clubs} as the winning hand.

That brought their lead to more than 9-1, however, Seiji pulled some big blinds back two hands later with a button raise and one continuation bet. Ultimately, Seiji's {q-Hearts}{q-Diamonds} won the pot despite four clubs on a {k-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{j-Clubs}{j-Hearts} board.

Играч Чипове Прогрес
LeslieGroves ru
ru 19,856,707 1,479,600
Rodrigo "Seijistar" Seiji br
Rodrigo "Seijistar" Seiji
br 3,893,293 -1,479,600