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Main Event
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Szabo Does Best, Austrian's All Time Money Leader Klinger Bags Lots

Webjoker • Ниво 8: 300-600, 75 ante
Austria's all time money leader Josef Klinger
Austria's all time money leader Josef Klinger

The poker room of the Montesino Card Casino was crowded for Day 1b of the partypoker World Poker Tour Vienna Main Event as 135 players registered, and 13 of them opting to reenter. That made the total for Day 1b 138, and combined with the 68 that signed up yesterday on Day 1a, the total for the WPT Vienna Main Event now stands at 206 entries. That number is likely to increase as registration is open until the start of play on Day 2, and a Last Chance Satellite guarantees three more seats will be awarded.

There was action from the get go, with big pots even in the first level at 2 p.m. Bracelet winner Simeon Naydenov was the first to get involved in a big hand. He lost with kings to a flopped full house his opponent made with pocket eights. Naydenov, who played and busted on Day 1a, was frustrated after that hand and failed to survive the day.

Naydenov wasn't the only A-list player as dozens of familiar faces traveled to Vienna to play in the Main Event. All many had to do was take the bus to the casino, as many of the German top pros live in the city, and it's not just German players that call Vienna home. Spanish pro Ana Marquez lives here in the Austrian capital as well and decided to make her comeback after a three-month absence from both live and online poker. She survived the day, bagging 23,100 in chips after eight levels of play.

Frederik Jensen isn't one of the pros living in "Wien", but he was in action to show the German speaking contingent how to play. The first hand with him the PokerNews Live Reporting Team captured was a big bluff where he lead out three streets in a three-bet pot with nothing but ace-deuce high. Jensen showed the bluff and started stacking with a big grin on his face. Despite the good start, Jensen only bagged 33,300 in the end.

Another player with reason to smile was Austria's all-time money leader Josef Klinger. Klinger, on top with almost $1.8 million in live cashes but no results since 2010, first won a huge hand with kings all in before the flop against ace king suited. "Pepe", as his peers call him, then doubled up once more and ended the day as one of the chip leaders with 166,300 in chips.

Sofia Lövgren wasn't so lucky today. We found her texting on the rail, most likely telling the homefront about her bad luck. She first ran a big hand into a set of jacks, to later lose her remaining chips with ace-eight against king-jack. "That's poker," she said with a smile before heading off to the next one.

There was a lot of action in the last two levels of the day. EPT London champion Sebastian Pauli lost with ace-queen against ace-queen, EPT Deauville runner-up Dany Parlafes lost with ace-king against aces, and Deauville's high roller champion Josip Simunic wouldn't survive running tens into ace-queen. Simunic bought back in though, and he collected some new chips straight from the bat by busting Bruno Lopes with kings against queen-seven. Simunic ended the day with 50,400.

Zoltan Szabo did best on Day 1b, collecting 177,800 in chips. He nearly caught up with Fedor Holz, who finished Day 1a with over 180,000 in chips and will start Day 2 as chip leader.

Play continues Saturday, March 14th at 2 p.m. local time. The levels will be ninety minutes long and five of them will be played:

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindAnte

Check back here tomorrow for updates of all the action of the partypoker World Poker Tour Vienna Main Event.

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Day 2 Table Draw

Webjoker • Ниво 8: 300-600, 75 ante
TableSeatNameChip Count
191Lukas Fritz25,900
192Hossein Ensan13,300
193Ognjen Sekularac107,000
194Dimitar Danchev15,600
195Gaelle Baumann53,000
196Raphael Wimmer29,000
197Ivan Luca103,000
231Peter Jaksland78,500
232Andrej Cintula32,700
233Antonin Duda60,900
234Clemens Mazoano54,500
236Fabian Gritsch39,900
237Andre Mayr32,900
238Danyel Boyaciyan28,200
241Viktor Katzenberger52,000
242Ludovit Fischer24,200
244Andreas Reichel83,500
245Rumen Nanev133,800
246Felix Lambertz39,000
247Thomas Mühlöcker24,500
248Zoltan Gal28,100
251Jan Bendik44,300
252Dobromir Nikov65,700
253Jesper Hansen73,300
254Josef Bartalos67,200
255Robert Schulz38,300
256Morten Hansen55,300
257Thomas Butzhammer22,300
258Zoltan Boros74,400
261Markus Leuzinger24,300
262Martin Staszko28,600
263Piotr Franczak58,100
264Christian Enz12,100
265Christian Glissmann34,500
267Luca Moschitta27,300
268Anders Karlsen114,100
281Erich Kollmann38,500
282Jan-Eric Schwippert75,800
283Laszlo Bujtas57,200
284Stefan Jedlicka31,100
285Hans- Joachim Hein109,200
286Ana Marquez23,100
287Vladimir Troyanovskiy38,900
288Zsolt Varga20,100
291Wilfried Härig38,700
292Atanas Kavrakov23,900
293Markus Herbel73,500
295Erwann Pecheux20,400
296Pavel Chalupka17,800
297Grudi Grudev72,700
298Tibor Nagygyörgy131,600
301Attila Polner26,300
302Zoltan Szabö177,800
303Marek Fritz61,200
304Jitka Seidler37,900
305Sebastian Langrock14,400
306Alexander Liakhov99,300
308Frederik Brink Jensen33,300
311Nikolaus Jedlicka94,500
312Vlad Victor Darie41,700
313Dietrich Fast6,700
314Jan Ramik48,600
315Arberd Lalicic33,400
316Cai Lin Jin22,800
317Gyorgy Laszlo29,600
318Gerald Karlic100,000
321Michel Abecassis71,600
322Andreas Freund44,400
323Michael Huber41,600
324Alexander Freund46,800
325Martin Bezuch18,800
326Ihsan Mert84,200
327Severin Schleser32,100
328Moritz Dietrich95,000
331Jens Lakemeier94,600
332Koray Aldemir63,100
333Jens Lübbe64,300
334Josip Simunic50,400
335Andrey Shatilov29,900
336Ivan Stefanovic90,700
337Jamila Von Perger39,600
338Luca Giovannone49,700
341Josef Gulas125,000
342Maximilian Senft61,500
343Johnny Nedved59,400
344Thomas Bichon37,600
345Ondrej Vinklarek28,900
346Georgios Manousos-Sotiropoulos69,900
347Thiago Mazzini Fisz31,400
348Atanas Malinov31,200
351Ilkka Nuotio18,600
353Claas Stoob36,900
354Szabolcs Mayer39,500
355Moritz Felsing7,900
356Danilo Velasevic27,700
357Konstantinos Nanos76,000
358Norbert Szecsi29,900
371Janos Katzenberger24,000
372Danijel Jovanovic101,800
373Wilfried Haselmayer26,800
374Fedor Holz182,500
375Alexios Zervos97,500
376Sotiri Koutoupas29,700
377Pascal Hartmann117,700
378Evangelos Bechrakis108,000
381Ognyan Dimov41,400
382Manig Löser39,300
383Mario Eder79,200
384Knut Nystedt28,600
385Kristiyan Ivanov12,300
386Vladimir Shchemelev16,400
387Josef Klinger166,300
388Artur Koren88,900

End of Day 1b Chip Counts (Пълен)

Webjoker • Ниво 8: 300-600, 75 ante
Zoltan Szabo hu
Zoltan Szabo
hu 177,800 27,800
Josef Klinger AT
Josef Klinger
AT 166,300 20,300
Rumen Nanev bg
Rumen Nanev
bg 133,800 68,800
Tibor Nagygyorgy hu
Tibor Nagygyorgy
hu 131,600 -3,400
Josef Gulas cz
Josef Gulas
cz 125,000 111,800
Pascal Hartmann de
Pascal Hartmann
de 117,700 117,700
Anders Karlsen no
Anders Karlsen
no 114,100 114,100
Hans- Joachim Hein DE
Hans- Joachim Hein
DE 109,200 109,200
Ognjen Sekularac rs
Ognjen Sekularac
rs 107,000 44,000
Ivan Luca ar
Ivan Luca
ar 103,000 13,000
Alexander Liakhov RU
Alexander Liakhov
RU 99,300 99,300
Alexios Zervos gr
Alexios Zervos
gr 97,500 17,500
Moritz Dietrich de
Moritz Dietrich
de 95,000 95,000
Jens Lakemeier at
Jens Lakemeier
at 94,600 94,600
Artur Koren at
Artur Koren
at 88,900 18,900
Andreas Reichel AT
Andreas Reichel
AT 83,500 83,500
Peter Jaksland dk
Peter Jaksland
dk 78,500 78,500
Konstantinos Nanos gr
Konstantinos Nanos
gr 76,000 76,000
Jan-Eric Schwippert de
Jan-Eric Schwippert
de 75,800 75,800
Zoltan Boros HU
Zoltan Boros
HU 74,400 74,400
Markus Herbel DE
Markus Herbel
DE 73,500 73,500
Jesper Hansen dk
Jesper Hansen
dk 73,300 73,300
Grudi Grudev bg
Grudi Grudev
bg 72,700 72,700
Dobromir Nikov bg
Dobromir Nikov
bg 65,700 65,700
Maximilian Senft at
Maximilian Senft
at 61,500 61,500

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Five More Hands

Webjoker • Ниво 8: 300-600, 75 ante

We'll be back with end of day chip counts, and an extensive recap of today's action.

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"We Needed a New Fish!"

Webjoker • Ниво 8: 300-600, 75 ante

Ismael Bojang has just registered for the tournament and received, like everyone else, 30,000 in chips.

"We needed a new fish" laughed table mate Erich Kollmann after we double checked with Bojang that he indeed just entered.

With just half an hour of play left for the day, the total number of registered players stands at 137. 78 remain right now.

Ismael Bojang de
Ismael Bojang
de 30,000

Тагове: Ismael BojangErich Kollmann

Simunic Is Back (With A Vengeance) - Bye Bye Bruno

Webjoker • Ниво 8: 300-600, 75 ante
Bruno Lopes
Bruno Lopes

Josip Simunic had just been eliminated by Dany Parlafes (who was in turn eliminated by Tibor Nagygyorgy not much later), but bought back in and took his seat one table over.

Simunic would immediately gain lots of chips.

He opened to 1,400 from the hijack and the player on the button made the call. Bruno Lopes in the big blind squeezed all in for 14,700 and Simunic took him up on the offer holding {K-Diamonds}{K-Spades}, the button got out of the way. Lopes had {Q-}{7-}.

The board came {J-Hearts}{Q-Spades}{5-Spades}{4-Spades}{6-Spades} and Simunic busted Lopes with his flush.

Josip Simunic at
Josip Simunic
at 48,000 18,000
Bruno Lopes fr
Bruno Lopes
Winamax Sponsored Pro
fr Отпаднал

Тагове: Bruno LopesJosip Simunic

Parlafes Hits the Rail in Huge Hand

Webjoker • Ниво 8: 300-600, 75 ante

The last level of the day started a little while ago, and like clockwork a lot of players were seen leaving the tournament area after losing all of their chips. Such is expected from the short stacks, trying to either double or bust with few big blinds to play with. But Parlafes wasn't short at all, he had lots, but was seen packing anyway. This is what happened accordign to our German colleague.

Severin Schlese raised it up to 1,175 and Dany Parlafes flatted in position. Tibor Nagygyorgy squeezed to 2,700 and Schleser four bet to 8,100. Parlafes now cold five bet to 15,000 and Nagygyorgy shoved all in for 80,000.

Schleser tanked for several minutes, but eventually folded and our German colleague told us he flashed pocket kings. Parlafes called all in for 45,000 and this was the showdown:

Dany Parlafes: {A-Hearts}{K-Hearts}
Tibor Nagygyorgy: {A-Spades}{A-Clubs}

The board ran out {2-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}{3-Spades} and Parlafes was sent packing. Nagygyorgy now has about 135,000 in chips.

Tibor Nagygyorgy hu
Tibor Nagygyorgy
hu 135,000
Severin Schlese AT
Severin Schlese
AT 35,000
Dany Parlafes ro
Dany Parlafes
ro Отпаднал

Тагове: Tibor NagygyorgyDany ParlafesSeverin Schlese

Pauli Eliminated With Ace Queen Against Ace Queen

Webjoker • Ниво 8: 300-600, 75 ante
Sebastian Pauli
Sebastian Pauli

Yusuf Kurt opened to 1,400 and Sebastian Pauli three bet all in to 4,900 with {A-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}. It was an easy call for Kurt holding {A-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}.

What would end up in a chopped pot most of the times, turned sour for Pauli this time. A board with three hearts ruined his day and Pauli hit the rail.

Sebastian Pauli de
Sebastian Pauli
de Отпаднал

Тагове: Sebastian Pauli