€1,700 Main Event

Rozenbaum Wins Some, Loses Some

[user341276] • Ниво 32: 75,000-150,000, 150,000 ante

Jakub Oliva raised to 300,000 with {a-Hearts}{5-Hearts}. Shay Rozenbaum picked up {a-Clubs}{8-Clubs} in the middle position who made the call. Alois Sprachta defended his big blind holding {8-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}.

The flop came {2-Spades}{10-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}, Sprachta and Oliva checked. Rozenbaum continued with a bet which was enough to get both of his opponents to fold.

Rozenbaum raised to 400,000 from the early position with {5-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}. Daniel Wendorf found {a-Clubs}{k-Hearts} in the big blind and shoved for 2,600,000. Rozenbaum asked for a count, confirmed the amount and then folded.

Класиране по чипове
Jakub Oliva cz 10,000,000 -1,000,000
Shay Rozenbaum il 8,300,000 1,200,000
Daniel Wendorf at 3,300,000 500,000
Alois Sprachta cz 1,900,000 -1,025,000

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