€1,700 NLH Main Event



€1,700 NLH Main Event
Ден 1a Приключил

Decent Start for Day 1a of the 2022 WSOP International Circuit Main Event at King's Resort

• Ниво 9: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante
Day 1a chip leader Valon Olluri
Day 1a chip leader Valon Olluri

Europe's biggest poker arena at the King's Resort in Rozvadov was filled with poker enthusiasts from all over Europe, all staking their claim at potentially winning the elusive WSOP Circuit gold ring. The flagship tournament of the 2022 WSOP International Circuit in the Czech Republic kicked off and the event is off to a decent start thanks to 335 entries on the first of two starting flights.

This has put the marquee event with a buy-in of €1,700 half-way to meeting the €1,000,000 guarantee and Day 1b is expected to have another solid turnout. On top of that, players also have the chance to enter and re-enter during the first two levels on Day 2, which will take place on Sunday, January 23.

Valon Olluri ended the night atop the leaderboard with a stack of 552,500 after he gained most of the chips during a hot streak in the middle to late stages. Josef Huber almost caught up to that at the very end but fell just shy with 535,000 with the nearest follower, fellow Swiss player Silvan Boesiger (383,500) trailing by quite a margin.

Top 10 Chip Counts €1,700 Main Event Day 1a

PositionPlayerNationalityChip countBig Blinds for Day 2
1Valon OlluriKosovo552,500276
2Josef HuberSwitzerland535,000268
3Silvan BoesigerSwitzerland383,500192
4Sharon Ben DavidIsrael360,000180
5Luc TaGermany355,000178
6Abd El GhanimAustria347,000174
7Chun ChangNetherlands332,000166
8Albert HoekendijkNetherlands318,500159
9Majid BozakraftNetherlands309,000155
10Steve SavioFrance305,000153

Other notables with big stacks include Albert Hoekendijk (318,500), Karol Konopka (214,500), Eyal Bensimhon (208,000), Stefan Drusca (200,000), Enrico Campanile (200,000), Narcis Nedelcu (184,000), and King's regular Marek Blasko (178,000). A handful of WSOP bracelet winners also took part and two of them made the cut on Day 1a in Sergiu Covrig (155,000), and Simone Andrian (143,000).

Dutchman Antoine Vranken, who won his maiden WSOP gold bracelet at the King's Resort a few months ago and added a circuit ring during the ongoing festival, was among those to bust and the same also applied for Emil Bise. Another big name to fall on the first of two starting days was defending champion Andrea Ricci, 2021 finalist Aliaksandr Shylko will also have to try again as well.

The father and son duo of Josef Gulas and Josef Gulas Jr failed to bag up chips for Day 2 just yet and can be expected to take another shot at the seven-figure prize pool. On top of the cash prizes, the top 12 finishers will also receive an entry into the 2022 WSOP Europe Main Event as well. This promotion by King's was partly responsible for setting a new attendance record and Gulas Jr turned his ticket into a seven-figure payday.

Josef Gulas Jr
2021 WSOP Europe Main Event champion Josef Gulas Jr was among the Day 1a casualties

All those that came up short on Day 1a can re-enter on the second starting day, which will get underway at 2pm local time. The PokerNews live reporting team will be back then to provide as much of the action from the table as possible until a winner has been crowned.

End-of-Day 1a Chip Count

• Ниво 9: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante
Valon Olluri kv
Valon Olluri
kv 552,500 -22,500
Josef Huber (SUI) CH
Josef Huber (SUI)
CH 535,000 535,000
Silvan Boesiger CH
Silvan Boesiger
CH 383,500 83,500
Sharon Ben David IL
Sharon Ben David
IL 360,000 10,000
Luc Ta de
Luc Ta
de 355,000 -85,000
Abd El Ghanim AT
Abd El Ghanim
AT 347,000 27,000
Chun Chang NL
Chun Chang
NL 332,000 332,000
Albert Hoekendijk nl
Albert Hoekendijk
nl 318,500 318,500
Majid Bozakraft nl
Majid Bozakraft
nl 309,000 199,000
Steve Savio fr
Steve Savio
fr 305,000 -45,000
Florin Trifan RO
Florin Trifan
RO 283,000 43,000
Gavril-Dorel Peter at
Gavril-Dorel Peter
at 271,000 21,000
Dmytro Bystrovzorov ua
Dmytro Bystrovzorov
ua 265,500 265,500
Martin Paap nl
Martin Paap
nl 251,500 156,500
Valerii Firstenko UA
Valerii Firstenko
UA 232,500 167,500
Martial Lavezzi FR
Martial Lavezzi
FR 230,000 230,000
Mark Helou lb
Mark Helou
lb 221,000 31,000
Michael Ugucctoni IT
Michael Ugucctoni
IT 215,000 187,000
Karol Konopka pl
Karol Konopka
pl 214,500 -55,500
Gianluca Cammarata IT
Gianluca Cammarata
IT 208,500 93,500
Eyal Bensimhon il
Eyal Bensimhon
il 208,000 -32,000
Matteo Cirillo it
Matteo Cirillo
it 207,000 42,000
Matteo Calzoni it
Matteo Calzoni
it 204,500 79,500
Enrico Campanile it
Enrico Campanile
it 200,000 45,000
Stefan Drusca ro
Stefan Drusca
ro 200,000

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Day 1a Completed

• Ниво 9: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante

Just under one third of the field has survived the nine levels on Day 1a and punched the ticket for Day 2 on Sunday, January 23. Assorted counts and a recap of today's action are to follow.

Very Late Eliminations

• Ниво 9: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante

Despite his double with quads only a few minutes ago, Yehuda Cohen fell short of making Day 2 and will have to try again on Day 1b.

Natale Albanese IT
Natale Albanese
IT Отпаднал
Iman Ghashayar nl
Iman Ghashayar
nl Отпаднал
Yehuda Cohen il
Yehuda Cohen
il Отпаднал
Jan van der Stroom nl
Jan van der Stroom
nl Отпаднал
Jonathan Rosenwasser il
Jonathan Rosenwasser
il Отпаднал
Gheorghe Butuc md
Gheorghe Butuc
md Отпаднал
Manoe Betrix ch
Manoe Betrix
ch Отпаднал

Late Double for Tebege

• Ниво 9: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante

During the final hands of the night, Gianluca Cammarata looked up the shove by a shorter-stacked Samuel Tebege and was in need of an ace or plenty of broadway cards to deal the final blow.

Samuel Tebege: {q-Spades}{q-Hearts}
Gianluca Cammarata: {a-Diamonds}{j-Clubs}

The {7-Clubs}{6-Spades}{2-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} runout brought no upset as Tebege scored a late double.

Gianluca Cammarata IT
Gianluca Cammarata
IT 115,000 -90,000
Samuel Tebege DE
Samuel Tebege
DE 110,000

Last Three Hands for Day 1a

• Ниво 9: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante

Out of a field of 335 entries, only 113 contenders remain in contention and they will be playing the final three hands for tonight.

Zhang Eliminated by Peter

• Ниво 9: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante
Gavril-Dorel Peter
Gavril-Dorel Peter

Sihao Zhang called all-in on the heads-up turn of {10-Clubs}{3-Spades}{2-Clubs}{6-Hearts} and turned over the top pair only to find himself in bad shape versus Gavril-Dorel Peter.

Sihao Zhang: {j-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}
Gavril-Dorel Peter: {k-Spades}{k-Hearts}

The {7-Spades} river brought no help to Zhang and he joined the rail only a few minutes before the end of play.

Gavril-Dorel Peter at
Gavril-Dorel Peter
at 250,000 90,000
Stefan Drusca ro
Stefan Drusca
ro 200,000 50,000
Silviu Baltateanu ro
Silviu Baltateanu
ro 190,000 140,000
Sihao Zhang lu
Sihao Zhang
lu Отпаднал

Cohen Doubles With Quads

• Ниво 9: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante
Yehuda Cohen
Yehuda Cohen

Yehuda Cohen ended up at risk for 50,300 in the cutoff on a flop of {7-Clubs}{5-Clubs}{4-Diamonds} and faced the {k-Clubs}{j-Clubs} of Mario Colavita in the big blind. Cohen locked it up right away on the {4-Hearts} turn with quads and the {6-Hearts} river was no longer significant.

Mario Colavita it
Mario Colavita
it 150,000 -50,000
Yehuda Cohen il
Yehuda Cohen
il 115,000 45,000

Wilhelm Busts; Saidi Chips Up

• Ниво 9: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante

Carlo Wilhelm was all-in with {a-}{j-} and then faced the {3-Spades}{3-Hearts} of Daridge Saidi as well as the {a-}{k-} of Pierre Trauer. On a board of {j-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{a-Diamonds}, Saidi had the best of it with a set of treys and nearly tripled while Wilhelm hit the rail.

Daridge Saidi FR
Daridge Saidi
FR 145,000 145,000
Pierre Trauer de
Pierre Trauer
de 110,000 -20,000
Carlo Wilhelm
Carlo Wilhelm