Event #36: $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em

Michnik Bests Babajane

[user66118] • Ниво 24: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante

Hassan Babajane raised under the gun, and Michael Michnik three-bet shoved for 259,000 from the big blind. Babajane called pretty quickly with {4-Spades} {4-Diamonds}, but Michnik's {J-Diamonds} {J-Clubs} were well ahead.

The board ran clean: {8-Spades} {A-Hearts} {3-Hearts} {Q-Hearts} {Q-Clubs}, and Michnik has found his double. He's up to 562,000 now, now just about dead even with Babajane.

Тагове: Hassan BabajaneMichael Michnik

A Look at the Current WSOP Player-of-the-Year Leaderboard

[user153638] • Ниво 24: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante

Current 2011 WSOP Player-of-the-Year Leaderboard

PlayerPointsCashesFinal TablesBraceletsWinnings
Phil Hellmuth393.75220$500,140
Sam Stein385.75321$690,451
John Juanda336211$410,067
Amir Lehavot330.75211$578,454
Sean Getzwiller325221$647,854
Jason Mercier323.45421$670,471
Mark Schmid317.75311$499,861
Steve Landfish317.70220$330,044
Viacheslav Zhukov315111$465,216
Jake Cody313.13211$856,427
Eric Rodawig311.50211$446,954
Daniel Idema309.50211$384,738

*Standings through Event #35

Yun Fan Eliminated in 17th Place ($26,864)

[user66118] • Ниво 24: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
Yun Fan - 17th place
Yun Fan - 17th place

From the cutoff seat, Matthew Berkey opened the pot with a raise. We don't know how much it was, because it was already pulled in by the time we walked up. The reason? Yun Fan had three-bet shoved for an additional 411,000 from the big blind. Berkey would spend the next several minutes toying with the decision with an amused look on his face. After a long while, he plunked the calling chips into the pot, committing about 40% of his own chips. Cards up, gents:

Berkey: {K-Clubs} {Q-Spades}
Fan: {A-Diamonds} {J-Spades}

The {Q-Diamonds} {10-Hearts} {4-Spades} flop was no fun for Fan, and he needed to catch up in a hurry to stay alive. The turn {2-Diamonds} was a blank, though, and so was the {6-Clubs} that filled out the board on fifth street. Fan can't win with the ace-jack, and this loss has cost him the rest of his chips. He's out in 17th place, and Berkey appears to have crept into the chip lead.

We badly need a color-up, though.

Тагове: Matthew BerkeyYun Fan

Alessio Fratti Eliminated in 18th Place ($26,864)

[user66118] • Ниво 24: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
Alessio Fratti - 18th place
Alessio Fratti - 18th place

Alessio Fratti only had about 55,000 chips left when he took his stand with {Q-} {8-}. In a case of unfortunate timing, he only had one live card as Thomas Miller called with the dominating {A-Clubs} {8-Diamonds}. The board came down {A-Diamonds} {2-Spades} {5-Hearts} {4-Hearts} {10-Clubs}, and that's all she wrote for Fratti.

Just a few hands after his aces went under, Fratti goes under as well. He's out in 18th place, and he'll take home a pay bump up to almost $27,000.

Тагове: Alessio FrattiThomas Miller

Berkey Stands His Ground

[user66118] • Ниво 24: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante

Matthew Berkey raised to 36,000 from middle position, and Conrad Monica three-bet to 106,000 from the big blind. Berkey eyeballed the chips behind before splashing in the call.

The flop came {9-Clubs} {K-Diamonds} {A-Spades}, and Monica continued out with a bet of 133,000. Berkey called quickly once again, and the turn and river came {K-Hearts} and {7-Spades} with the two men checking it down.

Berkey tabled {A-Hearts} {Q-Hearts}, and it was the winner. Dragging that pot moves him up to 1.15 million now, while Monica takes a step back to 510,000.

Тагове: Conrad MonicaMatthew Berkey

Fratti Face Palmed

Richard Gryko open shoved in late position and Alesio Fratti insta-called behind him, showing {A-Diamonds} {A-Spades} immediately. Gryko turned over {K-Diamonds} {4-Spades}.

The board ran {5-Spades} {7-Clubs} {6-Hearts} {8-Clubs} {3-Spades} and Gryko made an eight high straight, cracking Fratti's aces and leaving him with just three big blinds.

Richard Gryko gb
Richard Gryko
gb 600,000 345,000
Alessio Fratti
Alessio Fratti
59,000 -261,000

Тагове: Richa GrykoAlessio Fratti



[user66118] • Ниво 23: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante
Alexis "lesuperpanda" Bouchiouane
Alexis "lesuperpanda" Bouchiouane

Alexis Bouchiouane opened to 32,000 from the cutoff seat, and Mikhail Lakhitov three-bet to 72,000 on the button. When it passed back around to Bouchiouane, he made another raise to 156,000. Lakhitov looked like he really didn't want to, but he waved the white flag of surrender and slid his cards into the muck.

Thanks to an ally in the french media, we gleaned a little bit of information about Bouchiouane while the hand was playing out. He's "lesuperpanda" online, and he's beginning to make quite a name for himself as a member of the young French elite players. He intended to play only the Main Event, entering this tournament on a whim. It's his first-ever WSOP event, and he's putting his buy-in to good use, working his stack up over 800,000 with that four-bet pot.

Тагове: Alexis BouchiouaneMikhail Lakhitov

Bonding Bottoms Out

Lars Bonding - 19th place
Lars Bonding - 19th place

Thomas Miller opened for 39,000 and Lars Bonding moved in behind him. Miller called and tabled {4-Hearts} {4-Spades} and Bonding held {A-Diamonds} {8-Clubs}. The board ran {6-Clubs} {K-Spades} {J-Diamonds} {9-Diamonds} {6-Diamonds} and Miller's small pair held sending Bonding to the cashier's cage.

Thomas Miller us
Thomas Miller
us 1,500,000 465,000
Lars Bonding dk
Lars Bonding
dk Отпаднал

Тагове: Lars BondingThomas Miller

Chip Check


As we expected, our comment about the 'brisk pace' did not go unpunished. We've hit a wall in the action here, so have a look at a round of chip counts while we all wait for some significant movement.

Thomas Middleton gb
Thomas Middleton
gb 1,440,000 120,000
Mikhail Lakhitov ru
Mikhail Lakhitov
ru 1,130,000 -20,000
Thomas Miller us
Thomas Miller
us 1,035,000 25,000
Kent Padgett
Kent Padgett
1,005,000 -125,000
Eddy Sabat us
Eddy Sabat
us 1,000,000 -100,000
Barry Woods us
Barry Woods
us 945,000 195,000
Hassan Babajane
Hassan Babajane
925,000 175,000
Conrad Monica
Conrad Monica
790,000 165,000
Alexis Bouchiouane
Alexis Bouchiouane
730,000 -35,000
James St. Hilaire
James St. Hilaire
710,000 10,000
Matthew Berkey
Matthew Berkey
555,000 -20,000
Yun Fan
Yun Fan
505,000 75,000
John Zentner us
John Zentner
us 410,000 25,000
Alessio Fratti
Alessio Fratti
320,000 -170,000
Michael Michnik us
Michael Michnik
us 310,000 30,000
Dwyte Pilgrim us
Dwyte Pilgrim
us 300,000 60,000
Patrick Smith us
Patrick Smith
us 280,000 -70,000
Lars Bonding dk
Lars Bonding
dk 260,000 -20,000
Richard Gryko gb
Richard Gryko
gb 255,000 10,000