Event #44: $2,500 Seven Card Razz

Wheelin' On Baxter

[user66118] • Ниво 8: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Billy Baxter

We picked up the action on fifth street, heads-up between Billy Baxter and a player we don't recognize.

Baxter: (X)(X) / {3-}{2-}{9-}{4-} / (X)
Opponent: (X)(X) / {4-}{5-}{3-}{2-} / (X)

Mr. Opponent put bets in on fifth and sixth street while we were standing there, with Baxter calling both times. On seventh, the bet came again, but Baxter raised it to two bets. Not to be outdone, his opponent raised it back, and Baxter made the crying call.

The other player revealed {a-}{2-}{4-} for the wheel, and Baxter flashed {a-}{6-} as he tucked and mucked his way down to 16,500 or so.

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