Event #55: $50,000 Poker Player's Championship

Bonomo Eliminated Before Dinner Break

[user68268] • Ниво 9

No-Limit Hold'em

Before the dinner break, this hand went down between Rami Boukai and Justin Bonomo. The end result was Bonomo hitting the rail.

From late position, Boukai raised to 4,000. Bonomo called from the small blind and the flop came down {J-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{4-Clubs}. Bonomo checked and Boukai bet 5,000. Bonomo check-raised all in for 29,100 and Bouki called.

Boukai held the {A-Diamonds}{A-Hearts} to Bonomo's {Q-Spades}{J-Clubs}. The turn was the {9-Clubs} and the river the {6-Clubs} to send Bonomo out the door.

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