Event #55: $50,000 Poker Player's Championship

Chew On This

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"Who wants to make a quick forty bucks!" David Oppenheim shouted at the rail.

Only Scott Seiver responded.

"You want to go to the gas station?" Oppenheim chuckled.

"Oh," Seiver responded, realizing he can't just leave his stack. "No."

"Come on," Oppenheim sighed. "Anybody?"

Eventually a gentleman offered his services. Oppenheim instructed him to go to the nearest gas station and pick up a tin of Skoal Straight Long Cut.

"I don't have a car though," the man told Oppenheim.

"I'll do it for twenty!" another railbird interjected.

Oppenheim ignored him. "Take a cab!" he told his helper. "I'll pay for it."

The man nodded, took the money, and then exited the Amazon Room. We'll update you on whether or not his quest was a success upon his return.

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