Event 39: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Steven Silverman Eliminated in 3rd Place ($299,960)

Steven Silverman

Action folded to Andrew Brown in the small blind and he limped. Steven Silverman was in the big blind and opted to exercise his option with a raise to 90,000, which Brown called. When the flop fell {2-Clubs}{Q-Hearts}{8-Hearts} and Brown checked, Silverman came out with a bet of 125,000. Brown immediately announced a pot-sized raise, and Silverman called off for right around 540,000.

Brown: {A-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{6-Spades}
Silverman: {Q-Spades}{J-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}

Brown had flopped a pair of eights with a flush draw, while Silverman held a pair of queens, a wrap, and an inferior flush draw. With draws abound, it was a bit surprising that it'd be the {8-Diamonds} on the turn that would give Brown the lead. Even so, Silverman still had plenty of outs to stay alive on the river. Unfortunately for him, the {K-Spades} was not one of them.

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Steven Silverman
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