Event #14: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

Randy Lew(sing)

[user253757] • Ниво 8: 200-400, 50 ante
Randy Lew Has Lost his Chips Here on Day 1

We caught the action with the flop reading {k-Hearts}{q-Hearts}{q-Spades} and PokerStars Team Pro Randy "nanonoko" Lew facing a bet of 2,200 by the cutoff, and a call by Medi Shariat in the big blind.

Lew sat still as a stone for a few moments, before moving his last 15,500 or so chips forward. The cutoff quickly discarded his hand, but Shariat asked for a count before calling with {A-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}.

Lew also flopped trip queens, but his {Q-Clubs}{9-Clubs} left him outkicked, and blanks on the turn and river left him out of chips.

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Randy Lew
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