Event #32: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em (Six Handed)



Updated Chip Counts

[user68268] • Ниво 8: 250-500, 50 ante
Justin Smith us
Justin Smith
us 102,000 29,000
Blake Purvis us
Blake Purvis
us 74,000 -12,300
Steve Sung us
Steve Sung
us 66,000 23,000
Mike Sowers us
Mike Sowers
us 63,000 4,000
Christopher Brammer gb
Christopher Brammer
gb 58,000 -2,000
Chris Oliver us
Chris Oliver
us 50,000 27,500
Tim Reilly us
Tim Reilly
us 48,000 32,000
Jeff Hakim lb
Jeff Hakim
lb 46,000 20,000
Mark Herm us
Mark Herm
us 45,000 33,000
Matt Waxman us
Matt Waxman
us 44,000
Martin Jacobson se
Martin Jacobson
se 42,000 6,000
Raj Vohra us
Raj Vohra
us 34,300 19,300
Josh Brikis us
Josh Brikis
us 31,000 16,000
Mike Watson ca
Mike Watson
ca 30,000 15,000
Igor Kurganov ru
Igor Kurganov
ru 29,000 18,300
Luke Vrabel us
Luke Vrabel
us 27,000 -3,000
Jason Wheeler us
Jason Wheeler
us 24,000 -1,000
Chris Klodnicki us
Chris Klodnicki
us 21,000 5,500
Jeff Gross us
Jeff Gross
PartyPoker Twitch Team
us 18,000 3,500
Joe Hachem au
Joe Hachem
au 17,000 -19,000
Vanessa Selbst us
Vanessa Selbst
us 17,000 -16,500
Amanda Musumeci us
Amanda Musumeci
us 16,000 1,000
Joseph Elpayaa us
Joseph Elpayaa
us 14,000 -1,000
Shawn Buchanan ca
Shawn Buchanan
ca 12,000 -6,000

Gavin Smith Gabbing, Grabbing Chips

[user253757] • Ниво 8: 250-500, 50 ante
Gavin Smith is Having a Blast Here on Day 1
Gavin Smith is Having a Blast Here on Day 1

We have overheard a boisterous Gavin Smith throughout much of this Day 1, as he had regaled the Brasilia Room's Silver section with vivid play-by-play announcing of the NBA Finals, and offered fashion advice to his fellow pros. He even took to Twitter recently to post the following photograph of a mustachioed Justin Smith, issuing a challenge to fellow facial hair fan Eric Baldwin.

Gavin SmithHey @basebaldy this is @Justinyoung07 showing you real INTIMIDATION!!!! http://t.co/J8SZCBBIxm

Last we heard, Smith was telling his tablemates the secret to his prolonged success in the often cutthroat world of professional poker, where flashes in the pan come and go seemingly with every tournament series.

"I was never the best player," said Smith, in a tone that suggested a wise elder patiently delivering a lecture. "But I always got the air time."

Despite the other player's protestations that Smith, who has won a gold WSOP bracelet and captured a WPT title in his illustrious career, was indeed one of the best players in the world at one point, the seasoned vet stayed true to his claim. While he did so, Smith also scooped a small pot with an opening raise to 1,150, padding his already above average stack.

As Smith has proven time and again, no matter how the cards happen to come, its simply best to put on a good show.

Gavin Smith us
Gavin Smith
us 41,000 5,000

Тагове: Gavin Smith

Updated Chip Counts

[user68268] • Ниво 8: 250-500, 50 ante
Ryan D'Angelo us
Ryan D'Angelo
us 115,000 -14,000
Chris Moorman gb
Chris Moorman
gb 93,000 22,000
Scott Seiver us
Scott Seiver
us 80,000
Matt Berkey us
Matt Berkey
us 73,000 5,500
Brock Parker us
Brock Parker
us 40,000 -21,000
Jackie Glazier au
Jackie Glazier
au 37,000 20,500
Andrew Robl us
Andrew Robl
us 31,000 -19,000
Jonathan Little us
Jonathan Little
us 29,500 13,500
Athanasios Polychronopoulos us
Athanasios Polychronopoulos
us 29,000 1,000
Timothy Adams ca
Timothy Adams
ca 28,000 13,000
Terrence Chan ca
Terrence Chan
ca 23,000 -38,000
Beth Shak us
Beth Shak
us 22,000 10,000
Emil Patel us
Emil Patel
us 9,000 -6,000
Faraz Jaka us
Faraz Jaka
us 9,000 -12,000
Sam Grafton gb
Sam Grafton
gb 6,000 -21,000

Updated Chip Counts

[user68268] • Ниво 8: 250-500, 50 ante
Ryan Eriquezzo us
Ryan Eriquezzo
us 82,000 2,500
Pratyush Buddiga us
Pratyush Buddiga
us 74,000 51,700
Dan O'Brien us
Dan O'Brien
us 70,500 500
Micah Raskin us
Micah Raskin
us 61,000 -1,000
Max Steinberg us
Max Steinberg
us 48,000 30,500
McLean Karr us
McLean Karr
us 47,000 36,000
Dan Smith us
Dan Smith
us 36,000 18,000
Christophe Benzimra fr
Christophe Benzimra
fr 33,000 5,000
Sam Cohen us
Sam Cohen
us 31,000 9,000
Brandon Crawford
Brandon Crawford
25,000 5,000
Matt Marafioti ca
Matt Marafioti
ca 24,000 -6,000
Michael Benvenuti us
Michael Benvenuti
us 24,000 3,000
Ty Reiman us
Ty Reiman
us 21,000
Phil Galfond us
Phil Galfond
us 20,000 6,725
Craig McCorkell gb
Craig McCorkell
gb 18,000 -5,600
Todd Terry us
Todd Terry
us 12,000 700

The Best of the Best

[user253757] • Ниво 8: 250-500, 50 ante
Olivier Busquet Just Bounced Defending Main Event Champ Greg Merson
Olivier Busquet Just Bounced Defending Main Event Champ Greg Merson

A hand that recently went down illustrated the high caliber of play reserved for the WSOP's big buy-in events, with defending Main Event champion Greg Merson, Borgata WPT Poker Open champ Olivier Busquet, and Nick Schulman, the winner of WPT and WSOP events, all playing a pot together.

The action started when a player opened to 900 from under the gun, and the entire six-handed table called for a family pot filled with pros. On the {9-Spades}{2-Hearts}{10-Hearts} flop, Merson led out for 2,325, and next to act Schulman popped it to 6,400.

This folded the preflop raiser and another player, but Busquet decided on a reraise to 15,000. Merson immediately shipped his last 13,500 or so into the middle, and Schulman then went deep into the tank. After a minute of pondering his options, Schulman elected to fold and save his last 30,000, leaving Busquet and Merson to battle it out.

Merson: {10-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}
Busquet: {K-Hearts}{9-Hearts}

Both players had flopped a good piece, with Merson's top two pair giving him a slim advantage over Busquet's pair and a flush draw.

The {J-Diamonds} on the turn left Merson out in front, but when the {6-Hearts} fell on the river he grabbed his stack and handed it across the table, offering a "good game everyone" to the table as he departed. Busquet now has more than double the average stack, and is cruising along as the day nears its conclusion.

Olivier Busquet us
Olivier Busquet
us 84,325 13,325
Nick Schulman us
Nick Schulman
us 31,750 -7,250
Greg Merson us
Greg Merson
us Отпаднал

Тагове: Greg MersonNick SchulmanOlivier Busquet

Schanbacher Doubles

[user68268] • Ниво 8: 250-500, 50 ante

After a raise from the player in the cutoff seat, Kyle Julius three-bet to 1,900 on the button. Action then folded to Jack Schanbacher in the big blind, but before he could act, the original raiser in the cutoff seat had four-bet to 3,500.

The floor was summoned to the table, and it was ruled that Schanbacher could act on his hand accordingly, either to fold, call or raise. If he altered the action by raising, the player in the cutoff seat could take his four-bet back and act in turn. If Schanbacher just called, the reraise from the cutoff seat would stand. Schanbacher decided to just call the 1,900 from Julius, making the four-bet from the cutoff seat stand.

Julius was back up, and he called the four-bet. Schanbacher then moved all in for 13,400. The cutoff seat re-shoved, and Julius folded.

Schanbacher tabled the {A-Diamonds}{K-Clubs} and was up against the {7-Hearts}{7-Diamonds} for the cutoff seat. The flop, turn and river ran out {A-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{3-Hearts}, and Schanbacher doubled up.

Jack Schanbacher
Jack Schanbacher
31,000 -28,600
Kyle Julius us
Kyle Julius
us 25,000 -4,000

Тагове: Kyle JuliusJack Schanbacher


Rettenmaier Makes Flush Against Ochana

[user68268] • Ниво 7: 200-400, 50 ante

On the paired {A-Spades}{3-Spades}{3-Hearts}{7-Hearts} board, Eddie Ochana bet 1,750. His opponent, Marvin Rettenmaier, made the call to see the {5-Hearts} land on the river. Ochana bet 2,650, and Rettenmaier raised to 8,325. After some tanking, Ochana called, but mucked after seeing the {Q-Hearts}{6-Hearts} that Rettenmaier turned over for a flush.

Marvin Rettenmaier de
Marvin Rettenmaier
de 111,000
Eddie Ochana us
Eddie Ochana
us 41,000 7,000

Тагове: Marvin RettenmaierEddie Ochana