Event #22: $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship

Why Isn't Huck Getting Paid?

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Huck Seed

"It's simple. You took a jump shot. It was an airball. You don't get paid," stated Nick Schulman to Huck Seed who had ventured over to his table.

Let's rewind.

The tournament has been back in play for 15 minutes already, but all the talk in the Amazon Tan section is related to whether or not Huck Seed should be paid for the basket he made.

Let's rewind a little further.

Outside near All-American Dave's food truck is a basketball hoop that is connected to a pull-up bar. Players, staff, and even the PokerNews crew have wagered on hitting jump shots and free throws out there, and the players find it a great way to pass time (or earn some extra cash) on the breaks.

From what we can interpret, Schulman and Paul Volpe were betting Seed on being able to hit a jump shot. Apparently, Seed launched his shot in the air, but it missed the hoop and somehow bounced off the pull-up bar and back through the hoop. How it exactly happened is what's been up for debate.

One of the arguments is that it bounced off of the pull-up bar and through the bottom of the rim before falling back through in the standard manner. Another argument is that it bounced off of the pull-up bar, ricocheting up and over the rim before falling back in.

Phil Ivey chimed in and said that if it bounced off something and went in, and that it should count, while others such as Schulman stated that it's a flat out air ball.

"Well, if it doesn't count then maybe we need to get some rules out there," said Seed.

"I just think that a guy that played college basketball and that is the best player in the room shouldn't be arguing if an air ball counts," Schulman sardonically replied.

As of now, players on every table are discussing the finer points of the shot, the bet, and whether or not Seed's shot should be counted.

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