Event #26: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

The Bubble Approaches

[user252447] • Ниво 12: 600-1,200, 200 ante

The players are very close to the money with 171 places paying out, so we are expecting a cautious start from some of the short stacks as they wait for big cards or hope to creep into the money, while the bigger stacks exert pressure and use the approaching bubble to chip up where they can.

It’s sure to be a tense and dramatic first level here.


Moving Day at WSOP's Event #26

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth

Welcome to Day 2 of Event #26: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em. On Day 1 we saw 1,594 entries narrowed to 178 by day's end, just seven away from the money.

Mark Dube was the overnight chip leader, stacked at 160,300. Dan Smith (132,200) is right on his heels, thanks to a massive double in the night's final level of play. Other notables looking to cruise into the money and beyond are Ryan Welch (101,000), Mike McDonald (81,900), and Scott Clements (75,100). Also, we should not forget about Phil Hellmuth who bagged 34,600. We will see early in play today if Hellmuth can add to his record 102 WSOP cashes.

While golf's U.S. Open and the World Cup are both just starting today, it's "moving day" in Event #26 and we will keep our eyes on the amateurs with a dream, as well as the pros looking to increase their clout in the poker world. Between "fores" and "gooooaaaaaaalllls," be sure to tune in for some "check-raises" and "all ins" from some of the world's best on the felt.

PokerNews' Live Reporting Team will be on hand to bring you Day 2 action starting at 1 p.m. local time today, so come back then as we find out together who makes the final day of Event #26.

Тагове: Dan SmithMark DubeMike McDonaldPhil HellmuthRyan WelchScott Clements

Day 2 Table and Seat Draw

4261Karim Jomeen46,900
4262Davis Adams30,900
4263Benjamin Reinhart47,800
4264Jamie Heitner13,800
4265Diego Sanchez19,000
4266David Kelbel20,300
4267Andrew Yung24,000
4268Matthew Humphrey21,900
4269Arturo Ortuno48,400
4271Mike Ellis54,900
4272Long Nguyen15,800
4273James Clark47,300
4274Daniel Corbin27,400
4275Hector Quiroz64,700
4276Chris Dombrowski65,000
4277Robert Cheung42,800
4278Karim Merali21,800
4279Matthew Lapossie13,700
4281John Garry15,600
4282Brandon Meyers17,200
4283Kirill Rabtsov34,600
4284Manh Nguyen110,000
4285Justin Gow31,400
4286Charles Edwards14,100
4287Jude Ainsworth36,400
4288John Alm27,800
4289Reed Goodmiller60,200
4291Soi Nguyen64,900
4292Jeff Blenkarn17,100
4293Dan Smith132,200
4294Scott Clements75,100
4295Will Failla45,000
4296Michel Pomaret32,100
4297Alex Santiago24,500
4298Glenn Cozen56,700
4299Jesse Cohen23,500
4301Dash Dudley50,300
4302Jonathan Poche60,600
4303Gary Huggins64,400
4304Joaquin Correia13,000
4305William Hill1
4306Darren Elias52,400
4307Michael Campbell33,600
4308Aaron Frei32,000
4309Matthew Davenport33,500
4311Andrew Rennhack84,600
4312Daniel Frumkin21,300
4313Vincent Valenti1
4314Chris Back11,100
4315Jeffrey Griffiths57,200
4316Zachary Gruneberg51,200
4317Phil Hellmuth34,600
4318James Mchenry13,700
4319Matt Brady18,000
4321Peter Hong75,000
4322Matthew Haugen112,000
4323David Singontiko33,100
4324Henry Lu20,600
4325Leopoldo Araneta63,500
4326Brian Green24,800
4327Nick Schulman42,000
4328Michael Katz44,000
4329Mike McDonald81,900
4331Matthew Alexander23,400
4332Mohsin Charania17,900
4333Ian Gavlick10,400
4334Thomas Paul30,300
4335Vinicus Teixeira De Silva50,200
4336Taylor von Kriegenbergh10,100
4337Steven Watts15,100
4338Christopher Doheney59,700
4339Connor Drinan27,800
4341Kevin Clark15,300
4342Lorne Wechsler39,100
4343Erik Rector43,700
4344William Palmer11,300
4345Arnaud Dieudonne18,300
4346Alexander Haris17,500
4347Quinn Bruno38,900
4348Lisa Hamilton25,300
4349Carlos Licona33,700
4351Leslie Bashaar12,200
4352Heinz Kamutzki85,800
4353Michael Snow16,800
4354Vinny Pahuja11,700
4355Peter Apicelli10,900
4356Isidro Sifuentes33,100
4357Eric Rappaport41,100
4358Eugene Castro23,200
4359Ryne Johnson38,000
4361Cristopher Lasco11,900
4362Karl Myburgh19,900
4363Eugene Todd32,500
4364Matthew Ara18,600
4365Joe Serock11,100
4366Pierre Peretti29,400
4367Kyle Weir36,200
4368Darek Spring13,700
4369Geremy Eiland51,900
4371Samuel Wasserman34,700
4372Daniel Sindelar55,000
4373Mark Dube160,300
4374Jonas Wexler31,600
4375Chad Layne38,300
4376Patrick Arena49,200
4377Joseph Neiman47,900
4378Michael Jarvela78,800
4379Paul Lenkeit28,100
4381Tony Gargano76,700
4382David Daggett1
4383Scott Augustine88,100
4384John Minjarez8,800
4385Dimitrios Trichas28,200
4386Travell Thomas88,600
4387Ryan Hall64,100
4388Phu Ngo25,000
4389Jan Eric Schwippert5,700
4391Shane Douglas8,000
4392Ami Barer108,300
4393Steven Wolansky43,200
4394Michael Palo26,900
4395John White1
4396Vincent Moscati30,100
4397Roland Israelashvili50,700
4398Richard Wiggins1
4399Stephen Kats46,400
4401Bob Ciaffone10,100
4402Alex Bolotin19,700
4403Kunal Patel37,700
4404David Meland33,700
4405Anthony Dimeo16,000
4406Daniel Laming71,700
4407Hemanth Kumar16,000
4408Hyuck Kwon19,700
4409Ryan Welch101,000
4411Jesse Martin16,100
4412Edward Brogdon27,600
4413Nicholas Abourisk30,000
4414Leslie Roussell29,900
4415David Postar23,400
4416Christopher Symesko140,700
4417Michael Lackie17,100
4418Henry Wilken23,500
4419Martin Finger85,100
4421Vanessa Kade95,800
4422Harold Yago47,200
4423Hyongchul Kim38,200
4424Erwann Pecheux19,000
4425Tom Alner85,300
4426Justin Miller50,300
4427Manoj Batavia18,200
4428Olaoluwa Okelola11,700
4429Anthony Spinella70,200
4431Stephen Graner12,500
4432Christophe De Meulder36,900
4433Andres Garcia7,800
4434Dustin Dirksen42,500
4435Michael Almaleh55,100
4436Lance Donnell14,700
4437Adam Wilkinson61,300
4438Max Silver80,100
4439Joshua Hillock84,100
4441James Gettinger63,100
4442Brandon Cantu50,400
4443Shaun Suller18,900
4445Sergey Pomerantsev12,700
4446Jordan Cristos26,000
4447David Schwartz16,100
4448Debbie Motycka109,700
4449Mary Carey27,000
4451Justin Laugherty33,400
4452Lester Joslin30,600
4453Michael Smith53,800
4454Theo Tran58,200
4456Joachim Schork11,900
4457Andrew Whitaker58,600
4458Binh Nguyen38,400
4459Abraham Abramovich36,000
Event #26: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em
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