Event #55: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

Hands #58-63: Hecklen Doubles to 780K

[user169806] • Ниво 25: 15,000-30,000, 5,000 ante

Hand #58: Asi Moshe raised to 60,000 in the cutoff and then called when Henrik Hecklen three-bet all-in from the button.

Moshe showed {A-Spades}{8-Diamonds} and needed some help from the board to beat Hecklen's {A-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}. That help failed to arrive as the board ran {3-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{2-Spades} to double Hecklen up.

Hand #59: Bobby Poe raised to 70,000 and then tank-folded when Hecklen three-bet all-in from the cutoff.

Hand #60: Poe opened to 70,000 from under the gun and picked up the blinds and antes.

Hand #61: Marc-Etienne McLaughlin raised to 60,000 in the hijack and everyone else folded.

Hand #62: David Jackson raised to 70,000 and won an uncontested pot.

Hand #63: Aaron Massey set the price to play at 65,000 in the hijack and Hecklen called. Hecklen then check-called a 70,000 bet on the {9-Hearts}{5-Spades}{4-Spades} flop. Both players checked the {7-Hearts} turn.

Hecklen led for 135,000 on the {7-Clubs} fold and Massey folded.

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