2021 World Series of Poker Europe
Event #63: $1,500 Six-Handed 10-Game Mix

Luske Out

Josh_Cahlik • Ниво 18

2-7 Triple Draw

Daniel Zack raised from under the gun and Marcel Luske flatted the button. Roland Israelashvili came along from the big blind and the three were off to the draw.

Israelashvili took three cards while his two competitors pulled two. He checked, Zack fired, and Luske called all in for his last 6,200. Israelashvili called the all in only to have Zack come over the top. Still, Israelashvili stuck around.

On the second draw, each player took one card and Israelashvili checked. Zack fired and Israelashvili called. For the final draw, Israelashvili took one, Zack stood pat, and Luske took one. Israelashvili check-folded the final betting round and Zack fanned {8x]{6-}{4-}{3-}{2-}. Luske mucked and was eliminated from play.

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