Event #13: $1,500 Big Blind Antes No-Limit Hold'em

Raymond Ho Eliminated in 8th Place ($30,742)

• Ниво 28: 25,000-50,000, 50,000 ante
Raymond Ho

Hand #23: Raymond Ho moved all in from early position for 465,000 and Colin Robinson reshoved from the button before the blinds both folded.

Raymond Ho: {8-Hearts}{8-Clubs}
Colin Robinson: {a-Clubs}{k-Diamonds}

Board: {k-Hearts}{a-Hearts}{q-Clubs}{a-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}

Robinson hit a full house on the turn and sent Ho to the rail in 8th place, good for $30,742.

Играч Чипове Прогрес
Colin Robinson us
Colin Robinson
us 2,600,000 500,000
Raymond Ho us
Raymond Ho
us Отпаднал

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