Event #12: $1,500 Limit Hold'em

Tom McCormick Eliminated in 3rd Place ($53,588)

• Ниво 32: 150,000-300,000, 0 ante
Tom McCormick

Tom McCormick and Yuval Bronshtein saw a flop in a three-bet pot of {9-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{4-Spades} and the action went bet, raise, call.

On the turn of {7-Hearts}, McCormick check-called a bet and on the river of {7-Diamonds} McCormick went all in. Bronshtein called and the cards were on their backs.

Tom McCormick: {a-Hearts}{k-Spades}
Yuval Bronshtein: {q-Clubs}{q-Diamonds}

Tom McCormick was eliminated and the remaining players got ready for heads up play.

Играч Чипове Прогрес
Yuval Bronshtein il
Yuval Bronshtein
il 2,650,000 -150,000
Tom McCormick us
Tom McCormick
us Отпаднал

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