Event #7: $1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed
Event #7: $1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed
Ден 2 Приключил

Ray Henson Leads Final Eleven in Event #7: $1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed; Four Bracelet Winners in the Mix

• Ниво 25: 30,000-60,000, 0 ante
Ray Henson
Ray Henson

The second mixed game contest of the 2021 World Series of Poker is one step closer to crowning a winner. Out of a field of 307 entries in Event #7: $1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed, only 11 contenders remain in the mix for poker's most sought-after prize at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Ray Henson was second in chips after Day 1 and retained his prime position after bagging up 1,365,000, edging past Ian O'Hara (1,310,000) and Christopher Lindner (1,260,000). Among the finalists, a quartet already knows what it feels like to pose for the winner shots and that includes Andrew Kelsall, Nathan Gamble, Naoya Kihara, and Adam Friedman.

Seat Draw for Day 3 in Event #7: $1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed

TableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
Feature 11Craig ChaitUnited States235,000
Feature 12Christopher LindnerUnited States1,260,000
Feature 13Naoya KiharaJapan400,000
Feature 14Ray HensonUnited States1,365,000
Feature 15Jeremy HeartbergUnited States405,000
   Seven Card Stud2 Hands
Feature 21Adam KipnisUnited States175,000
Feature 22Ian O'HaraUnited States1,310,000
Feature 23Andrew KelsallUnited States835,000
Feature 24Nathan GambleUnited States480,000
Feature 25Jaswinder LallyCanada880,000
Feature 26Adam FriedmanUnited States330,000
  Button Seat 1No-Limit Hold'em5 Hands

The top 47 finishers earned a portion of the $409,845 prize pool and Day 2 saw 90 players return to their seats in the Amazon Orange section. Big names such as Daniel Negreanu, Ted Forrest, Adam Owen, Benny Glaser, Brian Rast, and Dylan Linde were all eliminated prior to the money bubble. The last player to leave without anything to show for their efforts was David Matsumoto, who came up short in a Badeucey hand against Carlos Andino.

Notables in the money prior to the final three tables included Event #2: $25,000 H.O.R.S.E. finalist Chad Eveslage, Ryan Hughes, Nicholas Seiken, Mike Wattel, Norman Chad, Eli Elezra, and Kosei Ichinose. Chad was eliminated by Friedman, who had previously prayed to the poker gods to bust the WSOP commentator and even offered to finish in 16th place if it were to come true.

Norman Chad
Norman Chad

The bid of Phil Hellmuth to have a shot at the record-extending 16th bracelet ended in 18th place and it was his second deep run in as many events. Kevin Gerhart and Allen Le were among the late casualties and Gina Hecht was eliminated in the final hand of the night.

Day 3 is scheduled to resume at 3 p.m. local time on Tuesday, October 5, on the two outer feature tables in the Amazon Room. The PokerNews live reporting team will be back then to provide all the key hands until a winner has been determined.

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Day 2 Completed

• Ниво 25: 30,000-60,000, 0 ante

The remaining 11 players have bagged and tagged their chips for the night. They will return the following day at 3pm local time to play all the way down to a winner. All chip counts and a recap of today's action are to follow.

O'Hara Takes From Gamble

• Ниво 25: 30,000-60,000, 0 ante

No-Limit Hold'em

Nathan Gamble raised it up to 50,000 and was called by Ian O'Hara out of the big blind, who had picked the game type for the final hands of the night. The flop brought {8-Spades}{5-Spades}{5-Diamonds} and O'Hara check-called for 40,000 to see the {2-Hearts} on the turn. O'Hara check-called once more for another 115,000 and the {2-Clubs} river went check, check.

As the first player to show, O'Hara revealed {9-Diamonds}{8-Clubs} and Gamble mucked.

Ian O'Hara us
Ian O'Hara
us 1,310,000 160,000
Nathan Gamble us
Nathan Gamble
us 480,000 -270,000

Тагове: Ian O'HaraNathan Gamble

Gina Hecht Eliminated in 12th Place ($5,612)

• Ниво 25: 30,000-60,000, 0 ante
Gina Hecht
Gina Hecht

Seven Card Stud

Gina Hecht was down to her final pink 5,000 chip on the final hand of the night, and flicked it in during a hand of Stud.

Gina Hecht: {9-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds}/{q-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}/{j-Hearts}
Christopher Lindner: {a-Diamonds}{a-Spades}/{3-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{a-Spades}{9-Clubs}/{5-Clubs}

Hecht was drawing live on fifth street with flush and straight draws despite Lindner's three aces, but when Lindner filled up on seventh street, it sealed Hecht's fate in the tournament and sent her home in 12th place.

Christopher Lindner US
Christopher Lindner
US 1,260,000 60,000
Gina Hecht us
Gina Hecht
us Отпаднал

Тагове: Christopher LindnerGina Hecht

O'Hara Shows a Wheel

• Ниво 25: 30,000-60,000, 0 ante

Omaha Hi-Lo

After a {5-Hearts}{4-Spades}{2-Clubs}{10-Diamonds} turn, Adam Kipnis bet and Ian O'Hara raised. With just four T-25,000 chips behind, Kipnis gave it some consideration and folded. O'Hara flashed the {a-Spades}{3-Spades} for a flopped wheel to leave his table neighbour very short.

Ian O'Hara us
Ian O'Hara
us 1,150,000 225,000
Adam Kipnis us
Adam Kipnis
us 100,000 -460,000

Тагове: Adam KipnisIan O'Hara

One Chop and a Scoop for O'Hara

• Ниво 25: 30,000-60,000, 0 ante

Stud Hi-Lo Regular

Ian O'Hara: {x-}{x-} / {6-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}{4-Hearts} / {x-}
Nathan Gamble: {x-}{x-} / {9-Spades}{q-Spades}{a-Diamonds}{5-Spades} / {x-}
Jaswinder Lally: {x-}{x-} / {5-Clubs}{3-Spades}{10-Hearts}{7-Spades} / {x-}

After checking on fifth street, Jaswinder Lally bet sixth to get called by Ian O'Hara and Nathan Gamble. They checked seventh and Lally announced two pair and a nine low. He tabled {5-}{3-}{x-} and had misread his hand as he only had a ten-low. O'Hara had {a-Spades}{9-Clubs}{6-Diamonds} for a pair of sixes and nine-six low to earn the low pot while Gamble could not beat either.

The game then switched to Omaha Hi-Lo and O'Hara scooped Lally in a medium-sized pot with a flopped set of kings, as there was no low possible.

Ian O'Hara us
Ian O'Hara
us 925,000 250,000
Jaswinder Lally ca
Jaswinder Lally
ca 775,000 -240,000
Nathan Gamble us
Nathan Gamble
us 750,000 -210,000

Тагове: Ian O'HaraJaswinder LallyNathan Gamble

Henson Closes Gap to Lindner

• Ниво 25: 30,000-60,000, 0 ante

Big O

On the heads-up turn of {j-Hearts}{10-Spades}{8-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}, Christopher Lindner checked and Ray Henson bet 225,000 for his opponent to call. Lindner then checked the {8-Spades} on the river and Henson announced all-in almost immediately. The shove was for what appeared to be 475,000 and Lindner folded.

Christopher Lindner US
Christopher Lindner
US 1,200,000 -300,000
Ray Henson us
Ray Henson
us 1,150,000 325,000

Тагове: Christopher LindnerRay Henson

Lindner Leaves Kihara Short

• Ниво 25: 30,000-60,000, 0 ante

Limit Hold'em

Christopher Lindner raised in the hijack and then called a three-bet by Naoya Kihara in the cutoff. On the {a-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{2-Spades} flop, Lindner check-raised to earn a call from Kihara and bet the {8-Spades} turn for Kihara to call. Lindner also bet the {k-Clubs} river and Kihara tank-folded.

Christopher Lindner US
Christopher Lindner
US 1,500,000 350,000
Naoya Kihara jp
Naoya Kihara
jp 255,000 -240,000

Тагове: Christopher LindnerNaoya Kihara