Event #27: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed



Chen Doubles Through Ruzicka

• Ниво 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

Vojtech Ruzicka was on the button and raised to 2,700. David Chen was in the big blind and moved all in for 20.800. Ruzicka thought for about a minute and then called.

Chen tabled {a-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds} and Ruzicka showed {k-Diamonds}{j-Hearts} putting Chen at risk.

The board ran out {6-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{q-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds} and Chen held with his ace-high.

Vojtech Ruzicka cz
Vojtech Ruzicka
cz 83,000 11,900
David Chen us
David Chen
us 44,000 19,200

Тагове: David ChenVojtech Ruzicka

Mark Radoja Doubles Through Linyang Song

• Ниво 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante
Mark Radoja (from a previous event)
Mark Radoja (from a previous event)

Two-time bracelet winner Mark Radoja had just lost some chips the hand before, and then Linyang Song raised to 3,000 under the gun. Radoja defended the big blind and the flop came {Q-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{9-Spades}. Both players checked.

The turn was the {5-Clubs} and Radoja bet 4,200. Song called. The river was the {5-Hearts} and they both checked. Radoja showed {Q-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} for queens and nines to win the pot.

The next hand, with the board reading {A-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{3-Hearts}{2-Clubs}, Radoja was all in for 20,300 in the small blind and Song had him at risk.

Radoja was ahead with {A-Clubs}{2-Spades} for aces up against Song's {A-Hearts}{8-Spades}, and it held up on the {J-Clubs} river. Radoja doubled up.

Linyang Song ca
Linyang Song
ca 64,000 -23,700
Mark Radoja ca
Mark Radoja
ca 58,000 27,000

Тагове: Mark Radoja


Shuffle Up and Deal

Cards are in the air as 201 competitors begin to battle it out for bracelet supremacy.

Welcome to Day 2 of Event #27: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed

Craig Varnell
Craig Varnell

The first Day of Event #27: $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed has come and gone. Out of a field of 959 entries, 201 return for today's Day 2 to battle it out for the first-place prize of $498,682.

Leading the way is Craig Varnell with a healthy stack of 202,600. Joining Varnell at the top is Jeff Coddington who bagged a stack of 202,400 last night. They're followed in the counts by Andy Spears (193,200), Jerry Payne (185,700) and John Bergman (185,500).

Among the notables surviving play were Mike Sowers (152,600), Steve Sung (139,800), Jeremy Ausmus (132,500), Vanessa Selbst (124,900), Igor Kurganov (112,000), David Pham (61,900), Gaelle Baumann (61,900) and Mike Watson (59,200).

Only the top 144 spots will earn a piece of the $2,589,300 prize pool with a min-cash being worth $4,509. Play will begin again today at noon. Players will play 10-and-a-half 60-minute levels with a 15-minute break every two levels. The dinner break is 60 minutes long and will come after today's sixth level. After the players bag and tag at the end of the night, the remaining competitors will come back on Friday at noon to play things out until a champion has been crowned.

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Day 2 Seat Draw

RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Miranda6001Linyang SongCanada87,70073
Miranda6002Martin MathisUnited States12,80011
Miranda6004Benjamin GriseUnited States64,20054
Miranda6005Lucas BlancoUnited Kingdom40,90034
Miranda6006Mark RadojaCanada31,00026
Miranda6011Jonathan JaffeUnited States130,700109
Miranda6012Sam GraftonUnited Kingdom83,70070
Miranda6013Joshua GibsonUnited States190,900159
Miranda6014Diego VenturaPeru55,50046
Miranda6015Corey ZedoUnited States32,80027
Miranda6016Parmesh RajCanada136,800114
Miranda6021Jesse VilchezUnited States30,40025
Miranda6023Levan KaramanishviliGeorgia84,50070
Miranda6024Onur UnsalUnited States91,00076
Miranda6025Daniel StrelitzUnited States126,300105
Miranda6026Bradley GordonUnited States93,80078
Miranda6031Mikhail RudoyRussia117,40098
Miranda6033Kitty KuoTaiwan70,20059
Miranda6034Andrew DonenUnited States107,90090
Miranda6035Yang WangUnited States99,00083
Miranda6036Pratyush BuddigaUnited States52,80044
Miranda6041Jimmy GuerreroFrance74,00062
Miranda6042Javier GomezUnited States58,10048
Miranda6043Aleks DimitrovBulgaria95,80080
Miranda6045Sergio CabreraSpain39,50033
Miranda6046Kenny HallaertBelgium131,400110
Miranda6051Ivan ZhechevBulgaria63,10053
Miranda6052Jamey KramerUnited States82,20069
Miranda6053Josh BergmanUnited States185,500155
Miranda6054Dylan ThomassieUnited States58,20049
Miranda6055Justas VaiciulionisLithuania102,60086
Miranda6056Julien MartiniUnited States180,600151
Miranda6061Mike SowersUnited States152,600127
Miranda6062Benjamin ZamaniUnited States15,40013
Miranda6063Mihails MorozovsLatvia82,00068
Miranda6064Marcos AntunesBrazil170,300142
Miranda6065Bernardo DiasBrazil91,50076
Miranda6066Kurt LichtmanUnited States34,20029
Miranda6091Kevin AndriamahefaUnited States102,50085
Miranda6092Laszlo BujtasHungary35,60030
Miranda6093Kyle CartwrightUnited States69,80058
Miranda6094Igor KurganovRussia112,00093
Miranda6095Sadan TurkerUnited Kingdom59,00049
Miranda6096Joe KuetherUnited States52,30044
Miranda6101Jonathan [Removed:250]United States41,20034
Miranda6102Fabio SousaBrazil84,80071
Miranda6103Kazuma TanakaJapan49,50041
Miranda6104Andrey ShatilovRussia38,60032
Miranda6105Clayton KalisekUnited States39,80033
Miranda6106Mark DarnerUnited States44,50037
Miranda6111Max SilverUnited Kingdom75,10063
Miranda6113Marvin RettenmaierGermany32,10027
Miranda6114Daniel Barrio CanalUnited Kingdom33,10028
Miranda6115Simeon NaydenovBulgaria76,00063
Miranda6116Shawn DanielsUnited States110,90092
Miranda6121Louis LinardFrance25,60021
Miranda6122Richard TuhrimUnited States124,000103
Miranda6123Ajay GnanasambanthanUnited States60,00050
Miranda6125Jiri HorakCzech Republic74,20062
Miranda6126Ryan DrosselUnited States31,20026
Miranda6131Kurt FitzgeraldUnited States48,10040
Miranda6132Rafael CaiaffaUnited States74,00062
Miranda6133Atanas KavrakovBulgaria62,60052
Miranda6134Anju AbrolIndia30,50025
Miranda6135Jeff PapolaUnited States138,800116
Miranda6141David PhamUnited States61,90052
Miranda6142Seth DaviesUnited States88,40074
Miranda6143Craig VarnellUnited States202,600169
Miranda6144Vojtech RuzickaCzech Republic71,10059
Miranda6145Jeffrey SmithUnited States27,10023
Miranda6146David ChenUnited States24,80021
Miranda6151Brian YoonUnited States46,90039
Miranda6152Raghav BansalIndia106,70089
Miranda6153Jose MontesUnited States119,00099
Miranda6154Ronnie PeaseUnited States30,50025
Miranda6155Kevin SchulzUnited States47,30039
Miranda6156Daniel GlassUnited States19,20016
Miranda6181Peter NighUnited States109,40091
Miranda6182Joey WeissmanUnited States70,70059
Miranda6183Diego DubcovskyArgentina121,300101
Miranda6184Ephraim ZephaniahUnited States25,00021
Miranda6185Donis AgnelliItaly7,3006
Miranda6186Thomas ZanotUnited States74,70062
Miranda6191Mark JohnsonUnited States36,90031
Miranda6192Jake SchindlerUnited States27,90023
Miranda6193Jason FunkeUnited States156,300130
Miranda6194Jacob DanielsUnited States35,20029
Miranda6195Amit MakhijaUnited States79,80067
Miranda6196Ryan JonesUnited States174,200145
Miranda6201Mitch GarshofskyUnited States56,70047
Miranda6202Britton PurvisUnited States47,80040
Miranda6203Mitchell LeeUnited States19,00016
Miranda6204Larry JafeeUnited States58,10048
Miranda6205Tobias HariefeldGermany38,50032
Miranda6206Garrett GreerUnited States58,20049
Miranda6211Robin YlitaloSweden78,60066
Miranda6212Victor ChoupeauxFrance25,00021
Miranda6213Andy SpearsUnited States193,200161
Miranda6214Yue DuChina24,30020
Miranda6215Aditya SushantIndia55,30046
Miranda6216Erwann PecheuxFrance82,60069
Miranda6221Manig LoeserGermany75,70063
Miranda6222Joshua LadinesUnited States116,20097
Miranda6223Igor ZektserUnited States148,600124
Miranda6224John AndressUnited States88,80074
Miranda6225Chris FergusonUnited States48,60041
Miranda6226Isaac BaronUnited States43,10036
Miranda6231Scott MargeresonUnited Kingdom162,300135
Miranda6232James ChenTaiwan87,80073
Miranda6233Kristijonas AndrulisLithuania55,50046
Miranda6234Antonio Gonzalez MirandaSpain48,50040
Miranda6235Gaelle BaumannFrance61,90052
Miranda6236Luke HaagUnited States42,70036
Miranda6241Herb MontalbanoUnited States32,20027
Miranda6242Nikita LeshchinskiyUnited States44,80037
Miranda6243Tyler CornellUnited States29,50025
Miranda6244Jeff CoddingtonUnited States202,400169
Miranda6245Michael RavnDenmark70,50059
Miranda6246David UrbanSlovenia23,40020
Miranda6271Michael GaglianoUnited States61,00051
Miranda6272Tim WestUnited States72,40060
Miranda6273Dan SindelarUnited States30,80026
Miranda6274Rob TepperUnited States64,70054
Miranda6275Ryan FairUnited States45,50038
Miranda6276Ben PalmerUnited States96,50080
Miranda6281Remy BiechelFrance32,20027
Miranda6282Mike LeahCanada23,10019
Miranda6283Ryan TosocUnited States72,90061
Miranda6285Zachary DonovanUnited States38,90032
Miranda6286Finn ZwadGermany37,20031
Miranda6291LaDarren BanksUnited States41,80035
Miranda6292Cole JacksonUnited States62,30052
Miranda6293Saya OnoUnited States54,80046
Miranda6294Grayson RamageUnited States30,80026
Miranda6295Matthew HaugenUnited States43,20036
Miranda6296DID NOT REPORT 2United States1-
Miranda6301David OrmsbyCanada88,90074
Miranda6302Samantha CohenUnited States42,00035
Miranda6303Artem MetalidiUkraine34,70029
Miranda6304Vanessa SelbstUnited States124,900104
Miranda6305Ruslan DykshteynUnited States100,20084
Miranda6306Annette ObrestadNorway36,80031
Miranda6311Morten MortensenDenmark96,00080
Miranda6312Thomas PaulUnited States115,00096
Miranda6313Martin StausholmAustria23,80020
Miranda6314Michael OsullivanIreland49,70041
Miranda6315Michael HaagUnited States53,50045
Miranda6316Scot MastersUnited States68,50057
Miranda6321Thomas MillerUnited States66,60056
Miranda6322Elio FoxUnited States54,60046
Miranda6323Pascal HartmanGermany73,30061
Miranda6325Joao VieiraPortugal109,50091
Miranda6326Steve SungUnited States139,800117
Miranda6331Jim CollopyUnited States64,70054
Miranda6332Athanasios PolychronopoulosUnited States28,60024
Miranda6333Clayton JiangUnited States17,80015
Miranda6334Corey ThompsonUnited States32,00027
Miranda6335Raymond WaltonUnited States66,20055
Miranda6336Nacho BarberoArgentina129,900108
Miranda6361Jonathan RuizUnited States111,00093
Miranda6362Aditya AgarwalIndia43,30036
Miranda6363Lawrence GreenbergUnited States19,80017
Miranda6364Raj VohraUnited States74,30062
Miranda6365Mark DubeUnited States56,20047
Miranda6366Vinny PahujaUnited States142,400119
Miranda6371Mike WatsonCanada59,20049
Miranda6372Mihai NisteRomania19,10016
Miranda6373Kelly GarrettUnited States50,10042
Miranda6374Tyler HancockUnited States33,80028
Miranda6375Steven GaglianoUnited States63,90053
Miranda6376Markus GonsalvesUnited States81,70068
Miranda6381Chi ZhangUnited Kingdom88,90074
Miranda6382Joao SimaoBrazil53,00044
Miranda6383Ty ReimanUnited States32,60027
Miranda6384Dhaval JoshiUnited States25,80022
Miranda6385Nirath ReanUnited States51,90043
Miranda6386Andrew WarrenUnited States59,50050
Miranda6391David SandsUnited States112,40094
Miranda6392Justin YoungUnited States84,60071
Miranda6393Ryan JaconettiUnited States48,90041
Miranda6394Jeremy AusmusUnited States132,500110
Miranda6395Jerry PayneUnited States185,700155
Miranda6396Alex QueenUnited States111,40093
Miranda6401Jake SchwartzUnited States42,20035
Miranda6402Griffin AbelUnited States1-
Miranda6403Julien LoireFrance42,30035
Miranda6404Viet VoUnited States25,20021
Miranda6405Shyam SrinivasanCanada70,00058
Miranda6406Richard SyverudUnited States103,70086
Miranda6411Ognyan DimovBulgaria53,80045
Miranda6412Luis Fabio Fonseca FreitasBrazil100,30084
Miranda6413Georgios ZisimopoulosGreece142,000118
Miranda6414Anatoly FilatovRussia52,00043
Miranda6415Tom MiddletonUnited Kingdom68,30057
Miranda6416Daniel WeinmanUnited States66,00055
Miranda6421John GorsuchUnited States71,40060
Miranda6422Nick YunisChile27,60023
Miranda6423Christopher ChiangUnited States1-
Miranda6424Ilkin AmirovAzerbaijan104,00087
Miranda6425Scott PalmerUnited States32,30027
Miranda6426Jordy ColliotFrance49,20041
Event #27: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed
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