Event #52: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em
Event #52: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em
Ден 1 Приключил

Besiktasliyan Soars on Day 1 of Event #52: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em

KaleGozer • Ниво 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Kework Besiktasliyan
Kework Besiktasliyan

Day 1 of Event #52: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em drew a big field of 1,580 contestants, creating a total prize pool of $2,133,000. 246 of them made their way to Day 2, nine spots away from the money. All players in the money will receive at least $2,254, but all eyes will be on the coveted gold WSOP bracelet and first place prize of $364,438, which will be awarded on Thursday night.

Kework Besiktasliyan ended the day as the runaway chip leader with 177,400, followed by Kyle Muelrath (131,500) and Parker Drew (119,300). Besiktasliyan won a massive pot during the last level of the day to claim the chip lead. Holding pocket eights, the Maltese resident saw an ace-eight-five flop appear. Besiktasliyan check-raised the flop, bet the ten on the turn and check-called a big bet on the five river. His opponent held ace-king and had to part with a large portion of his stack.

Other big stacks after Day 1 include Denny Crum (102,000), Will Molson (96,600), Kelly Minkin (94,700), Rainer Kempe (93,600), Cary Katz (88,200), and Alexandre Reard (75,500). Four-time bracelet winner Jeff Madsen (55,700) and five-time bracelet winner Jason Mercier (40,300) also made their way to Day 2, as did three-time bracelet winner Barry Greenstein (19,700). Greenstein is on his way to score his 10th cash of this WSOP, a fantastic accomplishment by the poker legend.

The day started off with a slew of familiar faces, but many of them failed to reach the second day. Bart Lybaert had one of the most brutal bustouts of the day, when his pocket queens got cracked by ten-deuce on a jack-nine-four flop. His opponent made a runner-runner flush to send the Belgian to the rail in improbable fashion.

Other notables that missed out on Day 2 include 888Poker ambassadors Sofia Lovgren, Natalie Hof, Chris Moorman and Bruno Politano, Martin Staszko, Dzmitry Urbanovich, Christopher Frank, Paul Volpe, Justin Bonomo, Matt Affleck, Men Nguyen, Pierre Neuville, Ole Schemion, Loni Harwood, Maria Ho and Ryan Riess.

Day 2 will commence at 12:00 p.m. local time on Wednesday and the blinds will start at 600 - 1,200 with a running ante of 200. The tension will be high from the start as the money bubble looms right around the corner.

Day 2 Seat Draw

RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Miranda6001Spencer ChamplinUnited States15,00013
Miranda6002Ivan LucaArgentina14,60012
Miranda6003Christian PereiraArgentina28,00023
Miranda6004Sergi ReixachUnited Kingdom21,40018
Miranda6005Jesse CohenUnited States63,50053
Miranda6006Mark CadleUnited States8,5007
Miranda6007Robert NehorayanUnited States74,50062
Miranda6008Dan HeimillerUnited States65,80055
Miranda6009Jean-Pascal SavardCanada108,60091
Miranda6011Antonio Gonzalez MirandaSpain54,40045
Miranda6013Florencio BunalUnited States81,80068
Miranda6014Jorge EspinozaVenezuela87,50073
Miranda6015Euugene SchindlerUnited States10,9009
Miranda6016Jiong LiUnited States39,60033
Miranda6017Craig MasonUnited States92,60077
Miranda6018Ravi RaghavanUnited States16,20014
Miranda6019Peter MurphyIreland10,5009
Miranda6021Haisheng MaChina18,10015
Miranda6022Likith GovindaiahUnited States28,60024
Miranda6023Jeff MadsenUnited States56,70047
Miranda6024Sara HallUnited States62,50052
Miranda6025Yuya FukuiJapan10
Miranda6026Lgbs KameiBrazil72,00060
Miranda6027Senovio Ramirez IIIUnited States93,00078
Miranda6028JJ LiuUnited States32,90027
Miranda6029Luke MarquisUnited States17,40015
Miranda6031Mark DubeUnited States31,60026
Miranda6032Zahari PetrovBulgaria84,20070
Miranda6033Alan ReyfUnited States60,50050
Miranda6035Joshua HillockUnited States28,20024
Miranda6036John BousfieldUnited Kingdom12,80011
Miranda6037Lorne WechslerCanada50,10042
Miranda6038Doyle ElliottUnited States52,80044
Miranda6039Ralph MasseyUnited States17,70015
Miranda6041John KimUnited States16,20014
Miranda6042Long TranUnited States28,70024
Miranda6043Ben GreenbergUnited States27,20023
Miranda6044Alan MyersonUnited States13,20011
Miranda6045Bryan GwinUnited States14,20012
Miranda6046Laurent ManderlierBelgium71,90060
Miranda6047Eugene KatchalovUkraine53,20044
Miranda6048Alex GoulderUnited Kingdom17,00014
Miranda6049Robert HankinsUnited States18,10015
Miranda6051Karim MusaniUnited States92,10077
Miranda6052Alexandre ReardFrance75,50063
Miranda6053Felix VandeputBelgium15,40013
Miranda6054Edmund ObertiUnited States5,2004
Miranda6055John PhanUnited States24,80021
Miranda6056Nikolai SearsUnited States27,70023
Miranda6057Jeffrey KrusinskiUnited States59,00049
Miranda6058Kent RomanUnited States62,60052
Miranda6059Eric HaenschenUnited States43,50036
Miranda6091Joseph ElpayaaUnited States61,30051
Miranda6092Bryan JimenezUnited States30,80026
Miranda6093Jason MercierUnited States40,30034
Miranda6095Jack AllenUnited Kingdom41,00034
Miranda6096Carlos HeyBrazil69,90058
Miranda6097Charles BarkerUnited States93,00078
Miranda6098Ryan ColleyUnited States12,60011
Miranda6099San PangChina33,00028
Miranda6102Akash MalikIndia74,30062
Miranda6103Jia LiuUnited States75,70063
Miranda6104Yanki KoppelUnited States68,30057
Miranda6105Kory JarvisUnited States43,00036
Miranda6106Christopher BoylanUnited States29,30024
Miranda6107Marcos FernandezSpain21,50018
Miranda6108Benny ChenCanada55,50046
Miranda6109Jarod EinsohnUnited States50,00042
Miranda6111Jesse YaginumaUnited States22,60019
Miranda6112Pellegrino MarottaAustralia61,20051
Miranda6113Andreas OlympiosUnited Kingdom40,00033
Miranda6115John MyungUnited States64,70054
Miranda6116Daniel ThomasUnited States35,70030
Miranda6117Joe HindryUnited States24,70021
Miranda6118Henry ZouUnited States20,60017
Miranda6119Andrey PateychukRussia73,60061
Miranda6121Dominique TerzianFrance86,80072
Miranda6122Phachara WongwichitAustralia84,10070
Miranda6123[Removed:264]United States43,00036
Miranda6124Jesse SylviaUnited States37,60031
Miranda6125John CynnUnited States50,90042
Miranda6126Shui TianCanada56,30047
Miranda6127Daniel HillUnited States56,70047
Miranda6128Dayane KotoviezyUnited States30,20025
Miranda6129Robert TinnionUnited Kingdom22,30019
Miranda6131Cristopher LascoUnited States27,60023
Miranda6132Kun TongUnited States23,90020
Miranda6133Kevin SaulUnited States60,00050
Miranda6134Nicholas StowellUnited States13,50011
Miranda6135Josh TharayilCanada44,50037
Miranda6136Kristopher ClarkeCanada7,5006
Miranda6137Michael ComissoUnited States24,40020
Miranda6138Martin ZamaniUnited States12,90011
Miranda6139Lizzy HarrisonUnited States30,10025
Miranda6142Phil CollinsUnited States38,70032
Miranda6143Alexis FleurFrance60,80051
Miranda6144Tom SchneiderUnited States10,0008
Miranda6145Brian BeggsCanada36,10030
Miranda6146Justin KruseUnited States23,40020
Miranda6147Tony DunstUnited States64,00053
Miranda6148Andy FrankenbergerUnited States51,00043
Miranda6149Bre Mahr ManningUnited States63,70053
Miranda6181Ralph BourlandUnited States49,00041
Miranda6182Noah VaillancourtCanada27,80023
Miranda6183Janet FitzgeraldUnited States37,00031
Miranda6184Stan JablonskiUnited States41,20034
Miranda6185Stefan HuberSwitzerland69,90058
Miranda6186Terry FanTaiwan39,50033
Miranda6187Alexander EliasUnited Kingdom70,50059
Miranda6188Corey KennelUnited States74,60062
Miranda6189Andrew MisovecUnited States75,30063
Miranda6191Zhiwei ZhouBelize30,60026
Miranda6192Andreas UribeColombia18,50015
Miranda6193Michael BernardCanada29,70025
Miranda6194Jie XuChina46,90039
Miranda6195Rainer KempeGermany93,60078
Miranda6196Bryden BaxterUnited States43,70036
Miranda6197JR GarciaUnited States71,10059
Miranda6198Matthew MossUnited Kingdom72,00060
Miranda6199Dan WirgauUnited States15,40013
Miranda6201Vedat LeviTurkey91,80077
Miranda6202Bobby CisnerosUnited States11,40010
Miranda6203Maksim ReshetovRussia58,50049
Miranda6204Parker DrewUnited States119,30099
Miranda6205Sumit AsraniUnited States27,00023
Miranda6206Hon Cheong LeeHong Kong28,30024
Miranda6207Kelly MinkinUnited States94,70079
Miranda6208Andrew DeanUnited States21,40018
Miranda6209Ian SteinmanUnited States48,00040
Miranda6211Zhong WangUnited States93,10078
Miranda6212Matt StoutUnited States47,00039
Miranda6213Dominik WagnerGermany67,10056
Miranda6214Finn ZwadGermany113,70095
Miranda6215James FlorenceCanada59,20049
Miranda6216Christian RudolphGermany66,10055
Miranda6217Jason DeutschUnited States14,50012
Miranda6218Kyle MuelrathUnited States131,500110
Miranda6219Jonathan KramerUnited States76,00063
Miranda6221Samuel PhillipsUnited States48,00040
Miranda6222Georgios SotiropoulosGreece84,90071
Miranda6223Emil EkvardtSweden96,50080
Miranda6224James ReutgenUnited States24,10020
Miranda6225Michael FalkUnited States93,60078
Miranda6226Robert SpanoAustralia38,80032
Miranda6227Toby JoyceIreland59,70050
Miranda6228Justin ConleyUnited States34,50029
Miranda6229Jacobo MilhemVenezuela69,80058
Miranda6231Wenlong JinChina22,40019
Miranda6232Joshua HatfieldUnited States59,60050
Miranda6233Eddy SabatUnited States59,90050
Miranda6234Paul HoferAustria77,00064
Miranda6235Eric HarnishUnited States59,50050
Miranda6236Owen GuestAustralia72,80061
Miranda6237Gaurav RainaUnited States50,00042
Miranda6238Scott HorvathUnited States34,00028
Miranda6239Joshua AbadyUnited States21,00018
Miranda6271Adam GeyerUnited States67,40056
Miranda6272Benjamin EctorUnited States36,00030
Miranda6273Brandon AgeloffUnited States104,70087
Miranda6274Ran IlaniIsrael61,00051
Miranda6275Mark DarnerUnited States48,00040
Miranda6276Mackenzie FultonUnited States37,30031
Miranda6277Anh TranCanada17,20014
Miranda6278Dylan HortinUnited States97,30081
Miranda6279Marty HealyUnited States2,8002
Miranda6281Thomas CromerUnited States20,00017
Miranda6282Jack SinclairUnited Kingdom73,20061
Miranda6283Gregory FishbergUnited States20,50017
Miranda6284Krzysztof StybaniewiczUnited States33,50028
Miranda6285Andrii NovakUkraine76,20064
Miranda6286Griffin MalatinoUnited States116,50097
Miranda6287Kevin PalmerUnited States92,40077
Miranda6288Kevin LeUnited States56,70047
Miranda6289Max GruvaeusSweden47,70040
Miranda6291Cary KatzUnited States88,20074
Miranda6293Marquetti SalazarBrazil61,00051
Miranda6294David RosenbloomUnited States45,50038
Miranda6295Kayhan MolaciTurkey43,40036
Miranda6296Alyssa HennagerUnited States25,40021
Miranda6297Jeffrey LennonUnited States76,70064
Miranda6298Tomas SoderstromSweden23,40020
Miranda6299Dan MurariuRomania24,20020
Miranda6301Pratik GhatgeUnited Kingdom101,00084
Miranda6302Dieke MeyerGermany65,00054
Miranda6303Andy SpearsUnited States42,40035
Miranda6304John PierceUnited States55,10046
Miranda6305Sixiao LiChina41,60035
Miranda6306Bernardo Da Silveira DiasBrazil66,30055
Miranda6307Joseph HolzhauerUnited States12,50010
Miranda6308Cesar Alexander VerCanada26,50022
Miranda6309Richard SeymourUnited Kingdom83,70070
Miranda6311Friedrich MeyerGermany83,30069
Miranda6312Samuel TaylorUnited States19,10016
Miranda6313Brett FederUnited States69,10058
Miranda6314Larissa MetrannascenteBrazil64,90054
Miranda6315Lander LijoSpain11,70010
Miranda6316Joseph TeanotogaFrance34,10028
Miranda6317Will MolsonCanada96,60081
Miranda6318Lauren RobertsUnited States79,70066
Miranda6319Denny CrumUnited States102,00085
Miranda6321Mikhail RudoyRussia84,00070
Miranda6322Justin FosterUnited States10,9009
Miranda6323Igor ZektserUnited States24,30020
Miranda6324Christopher ChabrisUnited States76,90064
Miranda6325Travis CaseUnited States30,90026
Miranda6326Jun OngSingapore31,30026
Miranda6327Mohsin CharaniaUnited States44,80037
Miranda6328Roy ThungUnited States25,50021
Miranda6329Jeremy WienUnited States43,20036
Miranda6361Jesus MartinezSpain22,90019
Miranda6362Kenneth PittsUnited States13,30011
Miranda6363Jason DarlandUnited States73,90062
Miranda6364Radu CatoiuRomania12,90011
Miranda6365Terrance EischensUnited States73,70061
Miranda6366Pedro CabecaPortugal38,60032
Miranda6367Milan SimkoCzech Republic32,90027
Miranda6368Warne YoungUnited States35,70030
Miranda6369Barry GreensteinUnited States19,70016
Miranda6371Manig LoeserGermany14,70012
Miranda6372Ross McleodUnited Kingdom52,50044
Miranda6373Barry SeidmanUnited States35,80030
Miranda6374Shouan DabiriUnited States45,30038
Miranda6375Joseph CappelloUnited States65,00054
Miranda6376Sebastien ZanoliniUnited States80,70067
Miranda6377Daniel MurphyUnited States42,30035
Miranda6378John StrzempUnited States52,60044
Miranda6379Mathieu SelidesUnited States80,90067
Miranda6381Tom KoralUnited States23,50020
Miranda6382Gregory YeagerUnited States36,20030
Miranda6383Aurelien GuigliniFrance36,60031
Miranda6384Alexander PopeCanada53,60045
Miranda6385Tonio RoderGermany16,30014
Miranda6386Pantelis JoakimCyprus37,10031
Miranda6387Farzad TaftiUnited States28,30024
Miranda6388Julius MalzaniniGermany45,00038
Miranda6389Arne KernGermany49,00041
Miranda6391Robert FlowersUnited States5,1004
Miranda6392Aditya AgarwalIndia49,10041
Miranda6393Kework BesiktasliyanMalta177,400148
Miranda6394Adrian AttenboroughAustralia49,70041
Miranda6395Aymon HataUnited Kingdom46,20039
Miranda6396Lukas MoravecCanada53,40045
Miranda6397Paul W LeeUnited States20,80017
Miranda6398Steven SnyderUnited States26,50022
Miranda6399Kaan BecerCanada11,80010

Тагове: Barry GreensteinBart LybaertBruno PolitanoCary KatzChris MoormanChristopher FrankDzmitry UrbanovichJason MercierJeff MadsenJustin BonomoKelly MinkinKework BesiktasliyanLoni HarwoodMaria HoMartin StaszkoMen NguyenOle SchemionPaul VolpePierre NeuvilleRainer KempeRyan RiessSofia Lovgren

End-of-Day Chip Counts (Пълен)

KaleGozer • Ниво 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Kework Besiktasliyan nl
Kework Besiktasliyan
nl 177,400 -2,600
Kyle Muelrath US
Kyle Muelrath
US 131,500 131,500
Parker Drew us
Parker Drew
us 119,300 119,300
Griffin Malatino us
Griffin Malatino
us 116,500 116,500
Finn Zwad DE
Finn Zwad
DE 113,700 113,700
Jean-Pascal Savard ca
Jean-Pascal Savard
ca 108,600 108,600
Brandon Ageloff us
Brandon Ageloff
us 104,700 104,700
Denny Crum US
Denny Crum
US 102,000 102,000
Pratik Ghatge gb
Pratik Ghatge
gb 101,000 101,000
Dylan Hortin us
Dylan Hortin
us 97,300
Will Molson ca
Will Molson
ca 96,600 96,600
Emil Ekvardt se
Emil Ekvardt
se 96,500 96,500
Kelly Minkin us
Kelly Minkin
us 94,700 12,400
Michael Falk us
Michael Falk
us 93,600 93,600
Rainer Kempe de
Rainer Kempe
de 93,600 69,600
Zhong Wang cn
Zhong Wang
cn 93,100 93,100
Charles Barker us
Charles Barker
us 93,000 93,000
Senovio Ramirez III us
Senovio Ramirez III
us 93,000
Craig Mason us
Craig Mason
us 92,600 92,600
Kevin Palmer us
Kevin Palmer
us 92,400
Karim Musani US
Karim Musani
US 92,100 92,100
Vedat Levi tr
Vedat Levi
tr 91,800 91,800
Cary Katz us
Cary Katz
us 88,200 20,200
Jorge Espinoza ve
Jorge Espinoza
ve 87,500 -15,500
Dominique Terzian fr
Dominique Terzian
fr 86,800 86,800

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It's A Wrap

KaleGozer • Ниво 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Chips are bagged and tagged for the night. 246 players have made their way to Day 2, nine away from the money. An extensive recap and all chip counts will follow.

Three More Hands

KaleGozer • Ниво 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

The clock has been stopped and three more hands will be played. We are 13 players away from the money, which is unlikely to be reached.

Besiktasliyan Sky-High

KaleGozer • Ниво 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Kework Besiktasliyan
Kework Besiktasliyan

With the day drawing to a close, Kework Besiktasliyan has a monstrous pile of chips in front of him worth around 180,000. Besiktasliyan won around 80,000 of those in a massive hand just moments ago.

The Malta resident held {8-}{8-} and saw an {A-}{8-}{5-} flop with two clubs. He check-raised a bet of 3,400 to 12,000 and got a call. On the {10-Hearts} turn, Besiktasliyan bet 23,500 and got another call.

The river brought the {5-Hearts} and Besiktasliyan check-called a bet worth 40,000. His opponent showed {A-}{K-} and had to part with a large part of his stack.

Kework Besiktasliyan nl
Kework Besiktasliyan
nl 180,000 109,000

Тагове: Kework Besiktasliyan

Kelly Minkin Has Heaps

SandraBarbour • Ниво 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Kelly Minkin
Kelly Minkin

Kelly Minkin, in middle position, opened to 2,300. The player in the cutoff three-bet to 6,000. Action folded back to Minkin, who instantly called.

The flop came {j-Spades}{6-Spades}{j-Clubs}. Minkin checked. Her opponent bet 5,000, and Minkin check-called. The turn was the {5-Clubs}. Both players checked. The {k-Spades} river filled out the board, and Minkin checked once more. Her opponent bet 8,600. She quickly called.

Minkin showed {k-Hearts}{q-Clubs}, and her opponent shook his head and sent his hand to the muck.

Kelly Minkin us
Kelly Minkin
us 75,000 19,000

Покер тактика Kelly Minkin

Creative Luca Finds A Chop

KaleGozer • Ниво 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Ivan Luca
Ivan Luca

A player opened to 2,200 in early position and got called in late position. Ivan Luca three-bet to 5,000 from the big blind, leaving himself with just 9,700 behind. Both players called to see a flop.

The flop was {10-Spades}{8-Hearts}{7-Clubs}, and Luca shoved all in. The player in early position called the shove, and the third player folded.

Ivan Luca: {7-Hearts}{4-Clubs}
Early position: {J-Hearts}{9-Hearts}

Luca's creative play didn't pay off as he found himself basically drawing dead. However, the {9-Spades} turn and {J-Diamonds} river gave the Argentinian a bizarre escape, and he chopped the pot miraculously.

Ivan Luca ar
Ivan Luca
ar 16,000

Big Stacks Collide

SandraBarbour • Ниво 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Alexandre Reard opened to 2,300 under the gun. Kelly Minkin three-bet to 5,500 from two seats over. Action folded back to Rear, who called.

The flop was {a-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{2-Clubs}. Reard checked. Minkin bet 4,000, and Reard check-called. The turn was the {3-Spades} and was checked through to the {2-Diamonds} river. Again, both players checked.

Reard revealed {10-Spades}{10-Clubs}, and Minkin revealed {a-Clubs}{j-Clubs} to rake in the pot.

Alexandre Reard fr
Alexandre Reard
fr 64,000 -2,200
Kelly Minkin us
Kelly Minkin
us 56,000 -34,000

Тагове: Alexander ReardKelly Minkin