Event #10: €25,500 Mixed Games Championship

Higgs Pairs On Third Street and Hits the Rail

[user339872] • Ниво 15: 20,000-40,000, 60,000 ante
Sam Higgs

2-7 Lowball Triple Draw

Alex Livingston raised from the hijack and Sam Higgs re-raised in the cutoff. The action folded back to Livingston who made the call. Livingston threw away two cards while Higgs opted for just one. Livingston check-called a bet from Higgs and the draws were the same on second street.

Livingston checked to Higgs who tossed in a bet and Livingston raised to put Higgs all in for his last 240,000 chips. Livingston stood pat and rolled over {10-}{6-}{5-}{4-}{2-}. Higgs showed {7-}{5-}{3-}{2-} and before he peeled his last card. It was another {3-} giving him a pair and Livingston scooped the pot.

Класиране по чипове
Alex Livingston ca 4,950,000 1,035,000
Sam Higgs au Отпаднал

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