Event #10: €25,500 Mixed Games Championship

Nuts for Hellmuth in 2-7

• Ниво 20: 60,000-120,000, 180,000 ante

2-7 Lowball Triple Draw

Phil Hellmuth raised out of the small blind and Benny Glaser called in the big blind. Hellmuth took two cards and Glaser three, Hellmuth bet and Glaser called. Both discarded one card and checked, then discarded one each on the final draw. Hellmuth bet and Glaser called to get shown {7-}{5-}{4-}{3-}{2-} for the nuts.

Класиране по чипове
Phil Hellmuth us 11,500,000 -100,000
Benny Glaser gb 3,200,000 -200,000

Тагове: Benny GlaserPhil Hellmuth