Event #11: €2,200 Pot-Limit Omaha

Quads for Peters

Ernestok • Ниво 24: 20,000-40,000, 0 ante

Marc Palatzky opened under the gun to 80,000 with {k-Spades}{k-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{7-Clubs} and Tobias Peters was the only caller from the cutoff with {a-Diamonds}{a-Spades}{4-Spades}{3-Clubs}.

The flop came {a-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} and Palatzky checked, and then called Peters' bet to 100,000.

The {a-Hearts} came on the turn giving quads to Peters, who bet this time 160,000 after another check from Palatzky, who called again

The {7-Spades} completed the board on the river and Peters fired a 530,000 bet after his opponent's check, who elected to fold his kings.

Класиране по чипове
Tobias Peters nl 3,080,000 485,000
Marc Palatzky de 1,920,000 -840,000
Omar Eljach se 1,535,000 15,000
Ilyaz Dosikov ru 1,495,000
Leonid Yanovski il 1,005,000
Anson Tsang hk 765,000 -95,000
Tomas Ribeiro pt 605,000 -20,000

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