Event #13: €2,500 Short Deck No-Limit Hold'em

Burns Hits Runner-runner for the Double Elimination

Ernestok • Ниво 12: 0-0, 2,500 ante

Kahle Burns raised from preflop to 22,5000 second to act and got called from Danny Tang in the hijack and Phil Hellmuth on the button.

The flop came {a-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}{7-Clubs} and Burns betting 40,000 and then action completed in just a couple of seconds, with Tang shoving and both Hellmuth and Burns snap-calling.

Kahle Burns: {8-Hearts}{9-Hearts}
Danny Tang: {8-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}
Phil Hellmuth: {a-Spades}{k-Spades}

The {q-Hearts} on the turn and the {6-Hearts} on the river gave a runner-runner flush to Burns who eliminated two opponents.

Класиране по чипове
Kahle Burns au 850,000 368,500
Phil Hellmuth us Отпаднал
Danny Tang hk Отпаднал

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