WSOP Super Circuit Online Series
Event #15: €550 Colossus No-Limit Hold'em

Carrillo Leaves Diac with Crumbs

• Ниво 18: 3,000-6,000, 6,000 ante

The flop showed {k-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{4-Hearts} in a raised pot when Catalin Diac bet 11,000. Roberto Carrillo tanked from the button and raised it to 41,000. Diac moved all-in for 135,000 and Carillo made the call.

Catalin Diac: {k-Diamonds}{q-Clubs}
Roberto Carrillo: {5-Hearts}{6-Hearts}

Diac had top pair but Carrillo hit the straight on the {8-Spades} turn and Diac was left with only 3,000 chips after the {4-Spades} landed on the river.

The hand after, Diac was all-in from the blinds with {7-Hearts}{3-Clubs} and against Erik Cajelais who held {a-Hearts}{k-Spades}. The board didn't bring anything to Diac who busted in 17th place.

Класиране по чипове
Roberto Carrillo ES 305,000
Catalin Diac ro Отпаднал

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