Event #4: €250,000 Super High Roller No-Limit Hold'em

Foxen Pulls Out Front

[user339872] • Ниво 7: 30,000-60,000, 60,000 ante
Alex Foxen

Timothy Adams raised it up to 135,000 in the hijack and Alex Foxen re-raised to 415,000 in the cutoff. The action folded back to Adams who made the call. The flop came {k-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} and Adams check-called a bet of 315,000 from Foxen.

The turn brought the {9-Spades} and both players checked to the {6-Clubs} on the river. Adams led out for a huge over-bet of 2,200,000 and Foxen burned through his last four time extensions before making the call. Adams showed {a-Hearts}{j-Diamonds} for just ace-high while Foxen had {a-Clubs}{k-Clubs} for top pair.

Класиране по чипове
Alex Foxen us 11,955,000 3,420,000
Timothy Adams ca 4,170,000 -2,975,000

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