Event #4: €250,000 Super High Roller No-Limit Hold'em

Tony G Doubles; Busts Right After

• Ниво 10: 60,000-120,000, 120,000 ante
Tony G

Tony G open-shoved for 1,515,000 and Rainer Kempe called out of the big blind.

Tony G: {6-Diamonds}{6-Spades}
Rainer Kempe: {a-Clubs}{j-Hearts}

The board came {q-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}{4-Spades}{10-Diamonds} and Tony G rivered a flush to survive.

"Keeps me going, saves me the rebuy," Tony G said in table chat while Kempe engaged in table chat with Alex Foxen.

Only one minute later, the seat of Tony G was empty, however, as he lost a flip with queens against the ace-king of Phil Ivey. Whether or not he will enter again remains to be seen as the registration closes at the end of the current level.

Класиране по чипове
Phil Ivey us 7,700,000 3,200,000
Rainer Kempe de 3,200,000 -1,650,000
Tony G au Отпаднал

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