Event #4: €250,000 Super High Roller No-Limit Hold'em

Katz Leaves Tony G Short

• Ниво 18: 400,000-800,000, 800,000 ante
Cary Katz

Tony G raised with the {3-Diamonds}{3-Clubs} and Cary Katz called in the big blind with the {a-Hearts}{q-Clubs}. On the {a-Clubs}{j-Spades}{2-Hearts} flop, Katz checked and called a bet of 2,000,000 to see the {9-Hearts} turn.

A fold by Katz triggered another bet of 5,000,000 by Tony G and Katz reluctantly called to see the {7-Clubs} on the river. Both players checked as Tony G gave up and dropped below 10 million in chips.

Класиране по чипове
Cary Katz us 26,600,000 11,000,000
Tony G au 9,700,000 -9,400,000

Тагове: Cary KatzTony G