Event #7: €1,100 Turbo Bounty Hunter No-Limit Hold'em

Lahmani Gets Caught Bluffing

[user339872] • Ниво 21: 6,000-12,000, 12,000 ante

Daniel Lahmani raised it up to 27,000 in the cutoff and was called by Abdelhakim Zoufri in the big blind. The flop came {10-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{3-Clubs} and both players checked to the {k-Clubs} on the turn.

Zoufri checked again Lahmani tossed in a bet of 33,000. Zoufri called and the {j-Spades} completed the board. Zoufri checked once more and Lahmani shoved all in. Zoufri quickly called off his stack of 96,000 and Lahmani showed {a-Hearts}{7-Clubs} for just ace-high. Zoufri held {j-Hearts}{10-Hearts} for two pair and scored a double up.

Класиране по чипове
Abdelhakim Zoufri nl 335,000
Daniel Lahmani 46,000 -111,000

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