Event #9: €1,650 Pot-Limit Omaha/No-Limit Hold'em Mix

Viard Puts Pressure on Bendinelli

• Ниво 11: 600-1,200, 1,200 ante

Pot-Limit Omaha

The flop already read {4-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{5-Hearts} in a head's up pot with 9,600 in the middle when Giuliano Bendinelli bet 5,500 and Alexandre Viard decided to raise it to 30,000. Bendinelli went deep into the tank and ended up tossing his cards into the muck.

Класиране по чипове
Alexandre Viard fr 107,000 72,500
Giuliano Bendinelli it 82,000 52,000

Тагове: Alexandre ViardGiuliano Bendinelli