Event #14: €10,350 Main Event No-Limit Hold'em

Livingston's Raise Wins the Pot

[user339872] • Ниво 10: 1,000-2,500, 2,500 ante

Alex Livingston raised to 6,000 in middle position and was called by Jan Bednar on the button and Mark Ioli in the big blind. The flop came {a-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{4-Spades} and Livingston continued with a bet of 7,500. Bednar and Ioli both called.

The turn was the {6-Spades} and the action checked around to the {j-Clubs} on the river. Ioli led out for 8,500 and Livingston raised to 45,000. Bednar quickly folded and Ioli took his time but eventually threw his cards away as well.

Класиране по чипове
Alex Livingston ca 257,000 162,000
Jan Bednar cz 215,000 28,400
Mark Ioli us 50,000 -73,600

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